07 July, 2014

A Ray of Sunlight

Neffydd lay there for a long time, trying to hold onto the dream as it faded away...

It was a simple dream, like a warm ray of sunlight on a cold day. She tried to stay in the patch of warmth; but only found herself inching away, trying to follow the waning light. The further she followed the faster it pulled away. She knew what it meant and started to pull back.

Soon, the light ray was weak and climbing up the wall as those things tend to go. It was following the same path that the others had, but this time it burned a rut into the old path like a laser sword. When it touched her face, tears sprang to her eyes and her body ached to feel the light over all her skin. After all, this little ray of wasn't her actual goal; It was a refraction of what she wanted, shining through the small space she had left for it. She would never be able to bask in the full and proper light, she would burn up in it. She didn't belong there and the light didn't really shine for her, if she stole too much someone would notice and take it from her before she could bear to part with it. So the ray of light cantilevered from the source, through the tiny space, until it was too weak to go on; then it faltered and failed.

When this searing light finally gave up, she was left in a dim twilight wishing for the light to warm her face again. This time though... She decided that when the light left her, she would cover the space she had left for it to enter. She would be in the dark, but at least she didn't have to watch another ray waltz across, following the burn mark. It wasn't exactly cold in the dark and she liked it just fine... but the sunlight was so beautiful.

It made her wish to wither under its full gaze... Just lay there, embracing sunlight until her body was dust that slipped away on the wind.