30 December, 2012

More Everyday Public Transit Humor

Neffydd was going to be late for the public transit to The Pit, again, so she started to trot through the brisk winter night. She jogged up to the stop where a Faun and Nymph standing, waiting for the same transit...

Nymph: "Do you need my scarf?"

Faun: "Stop! I'm too sly for that; I'm too sly."

Nymph: "I'm just sayin'; It's really cold."

Faun: "I'm too sly for that! It doesn't fit my image. I'm tryin'a be gangsta, yo!"

Neffydd's thoughts on this were: Eye rolling; 'POSER!' and the term 'sly' is slang for 'homosexual'... How appropriate.

Oh, and by the by: Neffydd knew plenty of 'Gangstas' and 'Hood Rats' who would bundle up in layer upon layer of grandma's knitting just to stay warm.

Just sayin'.

05 December, 2012

Like He Knew What He Was Doin'

Neffydd listened to the public transport driver and a Gnomish passenger chit-chat about idle things, both trying their hardest to impress a plump Pixie. It became more and more obvious that the Gnome was far outmatched by the chocolate skinned, half Mountain Giant driver as the conversation progressed.

With little gems like: "I was gunna go to Jamaica last year, until I heard that they got the snow that we were supposed to get." and "I don't wanna go to the Bahamas! I'd get stuck in that 'Devil's Triangle'!" How could she do anything but close her eyes, lean her head back and listen to the entertainment?

"Don't get me started on the Bahamas, man!" The driver shook his head. "I really don't want to take a cruise there, now that I heard what happened. Did you hear about that?" The driver must have been as entertained as Neffydd was to be engaging the idiot Gnome again and again.

"Naw... What happened?" The Gnome was predictable.

"I heard it in the news about that cruise captain that abandoned ship when it was sinking and let all the people drown." The driver's voice was dramatically 'stage hushed'.

"What?" Neffydd could almost feel the Stupid oozing out of the Gnome's mouth. "The Titanic?"

The only sound that you could hear in the stunned silence at the front of the transport was the sound of the engines and jaws dropping in disbelief, before the driver burst into peals of amused laughter.

23 November, 2012

Well... That escalated quickly.

One Friday night, not too long ago, Warder Sullens, Neffydd, Sutek, Shael and Jaeredd all went to this neato bar in Armory Square called Al's Wine and Whiskey Lounge. They have a great selection of alcohol that filled the seven foot shelves of the barback spanning a length of around twenty feet. There are couches to sit on and games like jenga to play with as you get schnockered :-D

They drank and played and talked and enjoyed the evening. They closed out the bar then left for Neffydd and Sullen’s place.

When they got home they broke open a bottle of wine but Shael was feeling weepy. (You know, let em cry, give em another drink and in five minutes, all good?) well, they went to Neffydd’s rooms so Shael wouldn't bring the entire party down but Sutek wanted to screw her so wouldn't leave her alone and she went into hysterics.

Neffydd told him to chill and he got violent. (Jaeredd later told Neffydd that Sutek drank a six pack of beers while she was calming Shael.) Warder Sullens escorted him out and they called their cabbie buddy to come get him.

Warder Sullens went to get money for the cab. While he was gone, Sutek broke into the house and started screaming at Neffydd that the cabbie was gonna shoot him... (No one has any clue how that came about...) Tomoe manhandled him back outside because she’d had enough.

Warder Sullens came into the warren through the back way so Sutek wouldn't fight him and they decided to call the cops since Sutek was convinced the cabbie would shoot him. That was when Sutek started kicking the door so hard that the core crushed and it started to buckle.

The cops got there, one stag faun one female pixi. Sutek got into the lady's face and started screaming at her. Ugh... He got a face full of ashfalt then said: "I'm sorry, dude! I didn't mean to resist ya!"

??????? Again, not a one of them had any idea... They finally carted him off at 5:30am after scolding us for giving him alcohol. He's three and a half decades old and his mother wasn’t there. How do they expect random friends to keep him from doing whatever he pleases?

18 November, 2012

Here Come the Gremlins

Thump... Slap!.... BANG!

"What are you doing?!" Neffydd asked Warder Sullens as he slapped at the hospital tray table in front of him, jostling his food and drink. He glanced at her quickly with wild eyes then went back to his pursuit.

"I have to catch it or it will keep running around; scares the children." He glanced off to the side and swiped at the empty air in front of him.

"Baby..." Neffydd caught his hand, careful not to jostle the I.V., but he jerked it away. "Hun, there's nothing there." Warder looked at her again with more attention this time.

"What?" He was startled, his eyes wide with fear. "There's a thing on the table... it looks like just a head... and another climbing the cupboard!" He pointed to the cupboard behind her. She dutifully looked at the empty cupboard. There was nothing.

"No baby, there's nothing there..." She looked at her life-mate with concern. This was not a good sign. The surgery had gone well and he was recovering rapidly; but suddenly she wasn't sure he was doing so well at all.

She left to find a nurse, the nurse quickly evaluated him and set in motion a series of evaluations by a string of people that took hours to complete. Finally a doctor from Neurosurgery evaluated him and decided to detox Sullens from all of the narcotic pain relievers, leaving him on acetaminophen and low dose of Fentanyl.

The nurses and Neffydd worked on a solution for better pain relief but could only come up with the use of ice packs to help reduce the swelling on the surgery site.

Neffydd worried, but his recovery wasn't over yet. There was still a lot of time for improvement.

06 November, 2012

Review: How To Tell A Perfect Ghost Story, By: R.C. Gillan

"Hi, Sweetie :-)" Katryni's words popped into Neffyd's mobile com while she was sleeping, "Rich wants you to read his new story. He's interested in seeing what you think."

"Sure ^.^ is that the published one, or another?" Neffydd replied a few hours later when she woke up.

"The published one." Katryni replied right away. "You can find it in my Social Network wall."

Neffydd found the post on Katryni's wall and clicked on the link. She then downloaded an application to her mobile com that would allow her to read the book once she had purchased it.

"OK, I got it." She reported back to Katryni, "This should give me something to read on the way to The Pit tonight!"

"LOL! Good!!" Katryni replied, "It's a short, but a few minutes of good reading. He wants you to tell him what you think, when you're done."

They traded more pleasantries for a bit, then Neffydd started to read. When it was time for dinner to be made, Neffydd found herself wanting to return to the imaginative tale.

The story followed the less than lucky-in-love Terry Barker, who had his heart stomped on and decided to move into the country to heal. As he goes he narrates his experience as a how-to on writing ghost stories and why he should have known better.

He thinks nothing of it when he buys the perfect house for the perfect price and is able to close the deal quickly, as if the home is practically being thrown at him. Everything seems to be going great until strange things start happening in the hot August nights.

Terry's dream home quickly descends into nightmares when a spectral woman starts making nightly visits, then begins to clue Terry into her death-long torture.

Neffydd remained enthralled by the story, several times finding icy chills goosing her spine between her wings. She finished it on the public conveyance and sent her thoughts to Rich:

"The story was captivating and imaginative. It was a quick read, but held onto the spirit of the ghost story very well. I would have added some more descriptions, but what you have sets the scene very well."

I recommend this story for anyone who needs to pass the time but doesn't want to start a novel. I read it quite thoroughly, to the end, be-cause Rich challenged me to find his one grammatical error. Don't worry, Rich, your error isn't that bad. ;-)

03 November, 2012

Monkey Brains

Neffydd and her father had a weird relationship. Take baking, for instance:


12:17 AM Neffydd: mmmm I just had a mild epiphony... raisins in monkey bread. That is all

(58 minutes later)

1:15 AM Flash: Is that like the brains of monkey bread??

Neffydd: Or the shriveled eyeballs...

1:16 AM Flash: That should be green grapes baked then added.

Neffydd: ... you mean raisins? lol

1:17 AM Flash: lol, Green grapes - not concord

Neffydd: Sorry... Golden Raisins? :-P

Flash: Now ya gots it

1:19 AM Neffydd: hehe... I could seriously trick that out to look like brains and eyeballs...

1:21 AM Flash: How about baking the monkey bread then breaking them open on the top, inserting a (very small easy to peel) orange then adding the golden raisins?

1:23 AM Neffydd: If I bake a badly peeled blood orange in it then it would shrivel and the bread would get slightly gooey, just like I imagine the inside of a cranium to be.

1:24 AM hmmmm... My friends' party is coming up...

1:25 AM Flash: lol

1:26 AM Neffydd: Oranges, cinnamon & grapes would be soooo good too!

Flash: You could make an icing and add red food coloring too.

1:27 AM Neffydd: Yeah! but inject it under the 1st layer so it bleeds when cut into.

Flash: Yuch...


Flash: if you can make them small enough, they will bleed out when they bite into them.

1:28 AM Neffydd: ooooh.... monkey bread muffins in coconut shells. Just leave the fur on

Flash: lol

30 October, 2012

A Little More to Love (Prelude to GTFO)

"I got great news babes!" Byron Way's message popped onto the screen of Neffydd's mobile com. "I'll be able to come to the potluck on Monday!"

"You mean tomorrow?" Neffydd typed back. She hadn't even thought about the weekly potluck yet. She had been mightily distracted by enjoying her weekend off. There had been absolutely nothing to do and it was rather relaxing. This meant work... so she got right to contacting her circle of friends.

Monday Neffydd awoke early, due to falling asleep at some extremely early hour and started preparing for the onslaught of food related event planning. There is a complex mathematical formula for what time to tell each set of her friends to be there so that they all arrive in the same hour.

She also had to bring Sebbock to school to get some papers signed. So she ushered Sullens and Sebbock onto the public transit carriage and braced for a ride where she had to artfully answer every question Sebbock could think of.

About late morning, when all of the prep work had been done; Warder Sullens came into the kitchens, mobile com in hand, with a story of things that Aine had been telling people then showed Neffydd the display.

"Oh, for the luv of... tell her to message me!" The rest of the afternoon was spent cooking and burying the hatchet with her ex-lover, Shael. The trouble didn't come so much from the hatchet burying as finding the damn thing first.

She had actually just gotten the painful, 3 year long ordeal smoothed over and ready to organize into digestible chunks when the message popped in: "I'm on my way, babes." Great... Byron was not a favorite person, but tolerable in small doses.

"OKies." She sent to Byron; then opened another solid message to Shael.

"Wanna come to our weekly potluck?" She pecked out on the smooth surface of her mobile, "There's gonna be a bunch of people here and we can pick on my 'boyfriend'... That's always good for entertainment."

"I haven't got transport." Came Shael's reply. "I don't live in the city anymore."

"Yeah, I know..." Mutual friends of theirs had felt the need, over the past years, to tell Neffydd everything that went wrong in Shael's life... Neffydd found it annoying, really. "Let's see if one of my friends has the time to help us. Would you come if you had a ride?"

"I could be persuaded..." She replied quickly, "I would have to bring the lil monster along."

"Of course! I couldn't bear to be the one to tell her she couldn't see her boys! lol..."

Neffydd thought of Jaeredd first. Maybe he'd be willing to drive if Neffydd put some gas in the tank...? She messaged him and he replied right away that "Of course!" he would help get Shael to the party.

The plans were set, Byron arrived then Jaeredd and Neffydd left with Jaeredd to get Shael and her minion. Thirty minutes later, after driving up to the northern suburban part of the sprawling city and back, Neffydd walked into her party going, full blown, without her.

Neffydd loved that her parties were so well planned that they could go on without her having to micro-manage them.

The night proceeded smoothly with pot roast and drinks had by all. Some people left after dinner and there were just a few left to drink and be merry.

Somewhere toward the end of the night, Shael noticed that the eggnog that they had been adding butterscotch Schnapps to had high fructose corn syrup in it and winced. That was one of the human inventions that she detested the most.

"Like you have to worry about it." Byron goaded her. His feet were possessively in her lap as they had been for most of the night. "You aren't fat."

"No," Shael agreed with him, a bit defensively, "I know I'm a skinny girl. But I don't want to be the girl who used to be skinny but isn't any longer because she did nothing to keep healthy."

"That's a good bit of reasoning..." Jaeredd started but Byron cut him off.

"It's like you and Neffydd..." Byron told Shael matter-of-factually. The absolute dead silence of the room created and emotional event horizon that even Byron could sense. He looked around the kitchen to every pained face and smiled. He thought he was finally getting his fifteen minutes from these people!

Jaeredd broke the momentary silence by issuing a warning: "Dude..." He said gently, "I wouldn't finish that thought out loud."

"No, it's OK." Byron assured him. "Just let me finish."

This statement was greeted by the room practically exploding with astonished reprimands from slightly drunken fae-folk. "No!", "Oh, migod!", "Do not say the next thing."... even Shael's ten year old girl child was screaming: "Shut up! Don't call Neffydd FAT!"

Over this din, Byron managed to force out his statement. "Shael, you are skinny and hot; but even though Neffydd is heavier, that just means there's more of her to love."

More ice-cold, shocked silence as a few people moved to block Neffyd's access to weapons. The silence was broken, finally, by a child's pained groan. "Did he just call my mom fat?" Sebbock, the socially disinclined, asked. Even an Autistic child could see it.... ouch. Neffyd broke into hysterical laughter.

Neffydd looked to Shael, who had gone pale with emotional mortification. Neffydd jerked her head toward the front of the house then looked at the time display on her mobile comm. Shael nodded and looked at her mobile too.

"Oh, Jeeze... I didn't realize it was that late!" Shael exclaimed. "I was supposed to get my kid in bed hours ago!"

They asked Jaeredd to bring Shael and her daughter home then all headed for the door but Byron slipped in between Neffydd and Shael to block Shael's progression.

"Can I get your number and maybe FaceBook?" Neffydd's mouth dropped open and a slow anger started to burn as Sutek snickered and Jaeredd coughed/gagged at Byron's audacious request.

Shael was able to extricate herself from Byron's lecherous grasp and they finally made it to the parking lot piled into Jaeredd's vehicle.

"Thanks, for driving... we needed to get the hell outta there before I cut him." Neffydd told Jaeredd.

"Yeah, I kinda figured." Jaeredd replied. "I couldn't believe his audacity!"

For the remainder of the trip, and even after Shael and her young one were dropped off, the conversation was about processing the utter shock of the out right disrespect.

When Jaeredd and Neffydd returned to The Lair, she looked about the lounge and Byron was nowhere to be seen.

"Did the Shit Head leave?" She asked of no one in particular.

"Oh, shit..." Sutek's bird-like features set in a look of apprehension, "That's never good."

"No, he's still here." Sullens replied. Byron re-entered the lounge just then. Out of difference to her strong sense of polite manners, Neffydd endured about half an hour of idiotic babbling before Byron finally tweaked the last nerve.

"I'm hungry..." Byron announced, as if anyone in the room cared at that point.

"OK," Neffydd replied, "There's plenty of left-overs and the beef is still hot.."

"I'll just go get my sandwich from the car." Byron left, returning shortly with a sub-shop take-out baggie, a brief case, a small suitcase and a EatherCom mobile terminal carry case. Neffydd had finally been insulted enough.

"How do you think you have made me feel tonight?" Neffydd demanded. "Hitting on my Ex, insulting me to get into her good graces, hounding her for her contacts while I stood right next to you..." Neffydd's voice was getting louder and louder as she vented her emotions.

"I didn't mean-" Byron's eyes were wide.

"BULL SHIT!" She interrupted him. "You knew exactly what you were doing and you kept doing it. Six people screaming at you to not say something isn't a subtle hint that you could possibly miss, you ass..." Neffydd got up out of her seat and headed toward her sleeping chambers. "You know what? I've become too emotional. I'm going to bed."

Neffydd stormed into her room, slammed her door and threw herself belly down onto the comfy bed. A few moments passed where she could hear murmuring coming from the lounge, then a knock on the door.

"Neffydd?" Sutek's muffled voice came from the other side of the solid wooden partition. "Are you really going to bed?" He opened the door a crack, just in case she was still in a mood to harm people.

"I don't feel like starting an incident."Her reply was muffled by her soft pillows and blankets.

"Well, then i guess we'll just have to move the party in here..." They proceeded to drink and talk. After a while Sullens came in to inform them that Byron had left for his home and they all wound down for the night.

03 October, 2012

Tomoe Is An Adult! ... Or Is She?

"What do you ant to do for your birthday party?" Neffydd asked her sister, Tomoe Oda, with a huge grin.

Tomoe swiveled her seat to glare at her older sister. Neffydd loved annoying her and this was the perfect opportunity.

"I don't know..." Tomoe said gruffly. "Nothing."

"Nope!" Neffydd's voice was almost unbearably sweet. "We should have a party! It's your twenty first, after all..."

"Ugh!" She groaned. "OK, will there be drinking?"

Neffydd looked at her younger sister as if she were trying to grow wings by glaring at things.

"Of course there'll be drinking!" Neffydd's brain just couldn't absorb some of the maligned thinking Tomoe was capable of. "... twenty first birthday without drinking..." She muttered as she walked from the room tossing a few solid state messages to her friends.

The weekend went quickly. Neffydd had to spend Saturday at The Pit but she had Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday off.

Sunday all the fun started.
First off: Neffydd's friend, the Incubus Warder Llushos, stopped by early to wish Tomoe a Happy Birthday and spend some quality time.

Neffydd was just finishing off Tomoe's Birthday cake, a triple-tiered double chocolate affair with Chocolate-Maple butter cream frosting that Neffydd had whipped a little Irish cream into for flavoring. The icing was lathered on thick between the layers and around the outside then a layer of thin-rolled white fondant was laid over it all, moulded to the shape of the cake and painted green. Then Tomoe decided that she wanted green and red spider webs and spirals all over it. Neffydd sighed and started painting.

Llushos showed up just in time to help create an inventive cover for the garish monstrosity of a confection and put it up for the party later.

After Neffydd and Llushos diverted them selves with quality, in-depth conversation and a luncheon at The Gem, he left to tend his herds (as all Warders are wont to do.)

The landlord she had spoken to about an appointment to view a new lair called to postpone so Neffydd returned to her bed suite for a nap.

She woke with just the right amount of time to ready herself for the party. Shower, lotion, powder, scent, clothes, make-up, hair... good thing she wasn't going out tonight! The party would be right here, in the lair. While she readied herself she convinced her sister to put on some of Neffydd's prettier clothes. Once Tomoe was in girl clothes instead of her usual boyish garb she decided to have Neffydd apply a few layers of make-up for the special occasion.

The Night Elf, Jaeredd, was first to arrive coming to the lair's lazy lounge as soon as it was dark enough for him to be out and about.

Neffydd's old friend and love apart, the centaur Gulzar Rux left a static voice message for Tomoe, that made her pale blue eyes well with tears. He recounted a few good times they had and professed his undieing brotherly love for her.

A few more people showed up and some more contacted them by voice or solid on Neffydd's com.

Tomoe maintained her dignity while getting completely sloshed and having the time of her life. They danced and drank and ate... Teri gifted her a handmade ring while chanMaelgwyn pooled their cash for a set of matching rings/earrings/necklace all with spiders and webs molded on. Jaeredd brought out pumpkin flavored fudge from a local grocer and a bottle of butterscotch schnapps. Tomoe squealed appropriate thanks for every gift and made use of every one at once.

Soon people started to filter out. Their favorite drinking vid was playing in the background and both Neffydd and Tomoe had drunk themselves to a stupor. Naps were in order.

All-in-all...? It was a wonderful night.

25 September, 2012

The Night The Lights Went Out...

Clickclickclick, taptaptap,click,clack,click, tappitta-tappitta-tap... Neffydd's talloned fingers were tapping along, with unprecidented speed, as her mind raced to pour out the ending to one of her eppic stories.

clickitta-tap-taptaptap... WHIRRrrrrrrr... BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! whirrRRRR!

The monthly generator test had gone off without a snag... except...

"What the..." Neffydd muttered as she toggled the switch on her aether-com. "Oh... You have got to be kidding me!"

"What?" Andure, her ancient gnome of a co-worker asked as he, too toggled the power on his unit.

"It's not re-connecting." She growled while glaring at the offencive device.

"Oh..." He turned his back on and waited... and waited... and waited... "Mine either." He finally announced.

Neffydd unplugged her unit's power and aethernet connection, held the power button to the count of twenty, replugged everything, toggled it on... and nothing. DAMMMMMIT!

She had been one, ONE, sentence from finishing.

"I think I'll go on my break," Andure announced, "When I get back it should be fixed."

Yes! Neffydd thought to herself Because these things regularly fix themselves in your absence!

Thirty minutes passed, Neffydd tried to reset both units to no avail. Andure got back and the coms were not magically fixed. Big surprise... So he called the support tech desk. The support tech, being a generally helpful fellow, told the duo that in order to repair their units they would have to reset them.

Neffydd wanted to rip her glossy brown hair out. Neffydd pulled plugs and pushed power buttons, again, instead. She had been on the tech's end of the line before, she knew that this was just a step to really getting somewhere.

This step was not working so the support tech called an on-site repair tech, who promptly told everyone that The Pit's central communications hub was not important enough to warrant a night visit and she would be there in the morning, good night.

This did not fly very well. This reasoning had no wings at all.

But wait! There's more!

The Night Supervisor called into the office, "Can you look something up for me?" She asked in her usual, harried voice, "My connection's not working." Then the fourth floor, and the third floor, and the peace officer desk... calling in to report the disconnection.

Andure placed another, more urgent call to the support tech desk. The support tech was absolutely delighted to contact the surly repair tech. The repair tech called in again, requesting to speak the the Night Supervisor again, thinking that we were over exaggerating the severity just to get her to repair our computers. Boy... was she set straight!

While this was taking place, Andure and Neffydd devised a plan. She would take an auxiliary desk at a console that had no external line and was half way across The Pit, while he would man the phones and public address system. In the case of an emergency, Andure would page, overhead, and Neffydd would use the terminal to enter the information so all the pagers would go off.

This was a silly work-around, for an extreme circumstance, so Neffydd logged into the remote terminal and chatted with a passing fellow about the "crisis".

While she was chatting, Andure started paging: "Code Two! Code Two!" Neffydd swiveled her seat to face the terminal, inputted the information and sent it to the appropriate pagers before her fellow could finish his chatter.

"Wow!" he said, wide-eyed, "Good thing you thought of this!"

Yes, the buddy system relay worked. A person got their proper care.


19 September, 2012

On the go... Or: How to shoe-horn this in?

"What are you writing tonight?" The message buzzed in on her new mobile com. "More fiction? Maybe your blog??" her Moon Elf friend, Jaeredd's excitement was almost palpable.

"I'm not sure..." She tapped out on the smooth silicate screen. Then she thought to look in her apps appropriation list for her blogging program. She installed the appropriate app and was typing this entry by the time the public transport carriage pulled into the shiny, efficient new transfer station.

Lots of people didn't like the change to the new station; but Neffydd was of the opinion that their dislike was more due to the completely inane way the powers that be had re-arranged the transit schedules to be the most inconvenient possible and less that there was a brand-spanking-new building to house the chaos that used to reside in (& almost completely clog,) an intersection a few blocks down the street.

Neffydd skittered off the first bus and hopped onto the next, slipping her transfer voucher into the automated conductor machine then finding a harmless-looking college student to sit next to.

She opened up her solid context messaging applet to continue her conversation.

"I should really get the whole crazy weekend into the blog..." She told him. "But that will take more than one post."

Trying to fit one weekend in a single blog post when it barely fit in the four or five day weekend was beginning to become insane. Neffydd decided that she would have to either split her weekends into each day, or major events to save the trouble of having a league-long post every other week.

However... Having this new Blogger app was going to help immensely. With this new mobile com she was able to do more and more on the way to work, during that hour-long ride. She had an app for her document editor, she could access her eathernet mail, she could post on her FFN account and do the prerequisite goofing off all from her com.

Maybe she would be able to shoe-horn a bit more in...?

08 September, 2012

Fair Fun, Flair Faun

"Aunt Aine... Can I come to your house too?" Mini asked into Neffydd's mobile com. Aine had offered to bring the boys to her new rental house for an over-night and Mini had begged her mother to go too. Neffydd put in Aine's extension and handed the com to Mini.

Aine showed up a few hours later, her children in tow, to gather the children and some more of her stuff. They soon departed, leaving Neffydd, Warder Sullens and Tomoe to wallow in the silence.

"What are we going to do?" Neffydd asked Sullens.

"I don't know..." Sullens shrugged.

"You know..." A slow grin spread across Neffydd's face, "We have no minions and there's a free show at the fair tonight."

"You wanna do that?"

"Yessssss..." Neffydd's grin widened and she turned to Tomoe. "You wanna go too?"

"I haven't got the money." Tomoe shrugged.

"I can cover you." Neffydd was practically bouncing now, "You should come!"

"OK!" Tomoe grinned, "Let me get showered and stuff."

Two hours later they were showered, painted, dressed and stepping off the public conveyance into the fair. They paid the troll and walked through the turn-style, grabbed a map from the information booth and planned their route through the people clogged maze of buildings, temporary structures and pavilions.

They grabbed milk from the Dairy Products building and drank it while staring at a huge sculpture made entirely of butter. They then crossed the court to find out what was in the Center Of Progress. The CoP had many different vendors hawking so many different things that Neffydd's head started spinning. They bought a couple large slices of fudge and went back outside to sit and eat some.

After they had eaten enough of the rich fudge to get a slight sugar buzz they headed off toward the next attraction.

"I gotta pee!" Tomoe whined.

"Geeze! You're as bad as the minions!" Neffydd teased.

They entered the Theater Museum and found the first floor bathroom. The wait was surprisingly short and the bathroom was pretty clean for something that must have been used a million times that week. It was over-hot... but not too hot to use the room and cooler than outside so no one was complaining.

Neffydd and Tomoe reunited with Sullens in the hall just outside the lavatory.

"Everyone done?" Sullens asked and received nods from the girls. "Where are we going next?"

"Horticulture Building!!" Neffydd answered excitedly. "Mmmmmaple..."

"O.K...." Sullens agreed suspiciously. He was beginning to think his Life-Mate was going into crowd-shock, but was hesitant to suggest a time-out.

They whisked down the crowded walkway and into the Horticulture Building. They had been on the lookout for places to capture an image and now they were confronted with the perfect shot.

Right between the center entrances was a huge sand sculpture with the Fair logo carved into it. Warder Sullens and Neffydd stood before the huge mound of carved earth and Tomoe captured the obligatory double image.

They whisked through the building glancing at random interesting things and dodging slow-moving creatures as Neffydd pulled them further toward her goal.

Finally they were standing in front of the Maple Products booth deeply inhaling the rich scent of boiled tree sap.

"What should we get?" Tomoe asked, knowing her sister would want something.

"You just said you're thirsty," Neffydd reminded her, "You wanna try the Maple Iced Tea with me?"

"Sure! That sounds good..." Tomoe trailed off since her a-typically hyper sister had already turned away to consult Sullens.

"Will you buy us a tea and a bag of Spun Maple Sugar?" She was bouncing in her excitement now.

"I suppose..." Sullens sighed and rolled his eyes, then slipped up to the counter to place their order.

"We should have just waited to buy the fudge here." Neffydd remarked and when her sister shrugged she added, "There's Maple fudge." There was Maple everything in the sizable booth. Ice cream, candy, cookies, candles, tea, coffee, dog treats...

Sullens returned with a bag of Spun sugar twice the size of his head and a covered cup full of thick dark liquid and nubs of ice. They each took an introductory swig and reveled in the perfect blend of strong black tea and buttery-sweet maple.

"Lets go outside to drink this." He suggested to them. "It's nicer out there."

They walked out the large door beside the Maple Booth and Tomoe suggested that they visit the Log Cabin. The Cabin was closed for the day, already, but they enjoyed the shade of the porch and looked in through the windows.

Neffydd spotted a preparedness shelter and her eyes lit up. She dashed over and ducked into the small building, but was disappointed with the sad displays. Her country-dwelling compatriots had better stuff in their living rooms. Sullens followed her around the small, quiet room and back out into the westerning sunlight.

As they stood in the trampled grass between the Log Cabin and the Preparedness shelter high-flying motion caught Tomoe's eye.

"What's over there?" She pointed at the air behind the Preparedness shelter and a bungee-corded bench with two people strapped into it bounced into view.

"I dunno!" Neffydd spun on her toes and started to walk around the building toward the odd sight. "Let's see!"

They watched as the ride slowed and was caught by a Giant who secured it to it's scaffolding dock. He helped the people out of their harnessing then beckoned and secured the next couple.

They quickly tired of watching the people bobbing on their strings and set off down the parkway bordering the midway.

Neffydd was in the middle of the midway crowds when the panic attack hit. The lights were too bright, the barkers too loud, the people too close and touching her as they passed in every direction. The air was too hot and clung thickly in her throat as she tried desperately to get enough air into her lungs. Smells assaulted her nose and mouth, attacking her delicate senses as she dragged air in through both.

Warder Sullens grabbed the back of her shirt and she shook him off as she tried to get out of the crowd as quickly as possible without trampling anyone. If there had been room to spread her wings she would have violated the no-fly moratorium just to escape. Sheer will-power kept her mind from diving into a completely blind panic.

Off to the side, behind a few food vendors Neffydd spotted a clearing next to the huge wall of the Dairy Products Building. She cut through the heavy foot traffic and almost ran toward the clearing.

"Are you OK?" Tomoe asked as she caught up to Neffydd and Sullens.

"I will be..." Neffydd managed to gasp out as she exerted a conscious effort to slow her breathing. "Just gotta sit..."

"Well," Sullens inserted, "There's a leged against the wall over there."

They each took seats on the ledge, then Sullens got hungry and went in search of a snack. He came back carrying a large cup filled with fries, gravy and melted cheese in one hand and a bottle of cold water in the other.

After their quick snack they decided that it was time to head back for the show. They cut through the Dairy Products Building again, exiting the opposing side. There they stood for a few moments, gaping at the site. It the hour or so since they had left the entire court had filled to capacity and spilled over onto the other common spaces that had line-of-sight to the stage and even some that didn't.

After a bit of a huddle, the trio decided that they could head back over to the commons where they had eaten their fudge earlier to watch the show.

They cut through the court again where there were brownies, pixies and centaurs posted to keep traffic moving along the main thoroughfare, then cut across the intersecting pathway and into the small, elevated grotto. There was an open space right in front of the tertiary projection screen so they settled into the crabby grass to watch the show.

Not too long after they sat down, the show's hosts greeted the eager fans. They introduced themselves, talked for a short while then introduced Theory of a Deadman.

The band took a little longer to actually get to playing but when they did, the show was outstanding. Their format was engaging, with interaction fun for the crowd; the filling monologue was kept to a minimum and the regional favorites were sprinkled liberally into the set list at a fairly even spacing.

For the last few songs Neffydd and Tomoe dragged Sullens closer to the stage pit. (As 'closer' as they could get at least.) They were hopping and singing along in ecstatic enjoyment, much to the consternation of the surrounding attendees. The girls didn't care if they looked like idiots, they were there to have fun and enjoy the live music. If people had issue with that they could suck it.

The show wound down and the trio made their way back to their transport. They rode the bus downtown and transferred to their next bus. At the downtown depot they met up with their neighbor and they all went back to the Houshold to drink a bit & unwind.

Alll, in all, it was an awesome trip to the fair.

27 August, 2012

Sky High

A pervasive hissing sound invaded Neffydd's long, pointed ears, ruining her calm.

She and her friend Jatos Cobode were floating above were the city sat nestled in a lush green valley, sending urban tendrils into the wilderness like a brick and technology zucchini plant, (with a secret evil plan.) The air was warm, the breeze light and the sun was sparkling gayly off the small lake casting splotches of light and Shadow on the skin of Jatos' dirigible.

She opened her large blue eyes, then squinted up at the ovoid, cloth covered framework.

"FUCK!" She cursed, "The dirigible has sprung a leak again!"

Her Encantado companion glanced up at the floatation device. The vehicle wasn't actually that big, being a pleasure craft and not a commercial carrier. It could comfortably hold eight people.

Jatos shook his head and bent down to rummage through the repair kit. He handed Neffydd a patch for the inner gas envelopes, a container of cleaning wipes and some rubber glue, then went to the controls to control their decent.

Neffydd grabbed a satchel out of a bench cupboard and stuffed the patching materials into it along with a knife and extra lacing for the access flap.

"I told you not to name the damn thing Titanya," She grumbled at Jatos as she leaned over the rail and spread her wings to hoist herself aloft. "But Nooooo..."

She threw her leg over the edge and pushed off the air craft, pumping her wings firmly downward a few times to gain altitude before matching the decent of the over-grown balloon.

She heard Jatos chuckling as she grabbed hold of the guy wires strung along the framework, folded her wings and swung onto the dirigible.

"You're lucky I'm here!" She screamed at him.

"Why do you think I always ask you!?" He yelled back, still laughing.

19 August, 2012

Don't drug an Elf... We don't like it.

Neffydd's body was shaking as she tried to stand. This wasn't a normal hang-over... this was way worse.

"Sullens?" she croaked through her abused throat, "Baby, get Tomoe to help? I can't stand."

"OK," came his worried reply, "We'll be right there."

The night before had started out as normal as a night at their home can be. Friends from out of town had stopped in for dinner and a board game before taking their kids home early. Neffydd and one of her best friends, Taechi, a Fairy met at the shop where Taechi worked and walked down the street a couple doors to the bar/bbq joint on the corner where they were well known because some of their friends worked there.

There was a wonderful band playing lively jazz tunes, people were dancing and smiling, drinking and enjoying the night. People came and people went, friends and strangers alike chit-chatted with them as they smiled and flirted.

A couple hours into the evening they headed out to walk the three blocks to Neffydd's bank to get cash for another round. On the way out Teachi spotted the guy she'd been crushing on for a while and started gushing about him. On the way back to the bank they cooked up a rather simple plan. They would buy their beer and talk to the guy.

They bought their round and walked outside to the bench the guy was sitting on, talking to a friend of his. The friend seemed to be very drunk and was acting belligerent and got in Taechi's face when she tried to talk to her crush. Neffydd did what she was best at, distracting the drunkard and defusing his temper. They nursed their beers to death and got another round, the drunkard paid. Taechi's crush rejected her and Neffydd decided it was time to depart at 11:30.

Taechi called her Naga friend who pulls a rickshaw, he whisked them home for a nominal fee, wished them good night and slithered away. Neffydd started to feel sick.

Warder Sullens thought that Neffydd feeling ill was from the alcohol, (and Neffydd didn't question his fine medical opinion,) so he made a sandwich for her & Taechi to help counter the effects.

They ate, watched a show and Sullens poured Neffydd into bed. Neffydd could barely remember the sandwich, much less the show or the bed when she woke to be sick, over and over again.

Tomoe and Sullens pulled Neffydd back to her suite then Sullens called the hospital who recommended that Neffydd be brought in for evaluation. He arranged transport and they waited through a few more waved of sickness for their friend to arrive.

At the hospital a pretty vampire put an IV in Neffydd's arm, drew blood for testing and hooked in a fluid bag. They waited for the testing results and a gnome came to administer a vial of medication to combat the nausea.

The verdict came in, Neffydd had been drugged. Her body was already burning through it so there was nothing that they could do that wouldn't make her worse, beside the fluids and the nausea med. They gave her a prescription for the medication she could take at home and sent her away in a medical transport.

Needless to say there will be a new creature inhabiting The Pit of Hell if Neffydd's friends ever find out who drugged her.

15 August, 2012


Neffydd settled into the first seat on the public carriage going to The Pit. She settled her wings around her shoulders to keep the damp chill off and turned up the music on her portable player. She opened her mobile com as it buzzed and replied with a smile. The transport bounced and weaved in its familiar pattern as it sped down the city streets. The bus slowed to a stop and she looked up from the solid transfer on her com as she scented an overly familiar presence.

She ground her needle-sharp teeth resisting the urge to trip the half troll and watch her fall smacking her ungainly face on the carriage seats. The tall, unsymmetrical, hunched woman had wispy thin hair and a bit of drool sliding out of the corner of her gap-toothed half smirk. Neffydd's nemesis and ex-best-friend, Nikolah would have her day... but Neffydd had to be to work so couldn't risk being incarcerated. At least not tonight.

She was still envisioning the ugly woman's face hitting the solid seats and exploding into a gooey, bloody mess as she thanked the transport driver and stepped off the carriage.

Perhaps one day all her dreams would come true...

08 August, 2012

Walking in The City

Neffydd stepped out into the bright morning light and winced. "UGH..."

It was almost painfully bright, but considering how often she actually saw the Bright Orange Ball it was a wonder she could stand it at all. Most of her kind never even stepped a foot into the light of the BOB as it was ever so uncomfortable. Not deadly, by far; just more light than they would like to have shone upon their bodies.

Warder Sullens stepped out behind her and and slid his favorite darkened glass spectacles onto his face. "A little bright, huh?" he quipped.

"A little..." Came her snide reply.

They walked a short block down to the public transit stop, chatting and enjoying the cool breeze that contrasted the warm light of the BOB so well. 

The transit ride was pleasant and they reached the mid-city transfer with enough minutes to spare to do their banking and catch the carriage to their destination. 

The carriage bell rang when Neffydd pulled the Stop Request cord and the driver maneuvered the vehicle out of traffic and into the temporary parking stop at the curb.

"Are you riding down the street to your stop," Neffydd asked Sullens, "or are you disembarking with me and walking down?"

"I'll go with you." Sullens said with a smile.

"Are you sure?" Neffydd made sure as they rose from the bench, "Your stop is just down the street..."

"Then I'll walk." He motioned for her to precede him out.

"OK." She grinned and thanked the driver as she stepped onto the walk.

Their vehicle had stopped right in front of the salon that Neffydd wanted and she strutted up to the door. Warder Sullens grabbed her and pulled her into an embrace before walking off down the street. Neffydd walked into the salon and was greeted by heavy smells of acrylic and acetone. 

"Can I help you?" a middle aged Chin-chin Kobakama asked from her seat where she worked on a largish Brownie's feet.

"Yes." Neffydd affirmed. "I need a trim and fill..." She held up her hands for the woman to inspect from afar.

"Go to table four, please?" The Kobakama directed and Neffydd sat to wait... and wait.

She listened to the other women chatter amongst themselves about their day-to-day lives and smiled a bit. She watched people come and go as the smallish creatures trimmed, ground, buffed, repaired, tweezed, and cut to their hearts content. Warder Sullens came to check on her at one point but quickly left again stating that the acrid smell was already giving him a headache.

Finally a Chin-chin Kobakama man sat in front of her and held out his hands for hers. She placed her hands in his and relaxed into her monthly routine. 

Grind. Trim. Pluck. Sand. Repair. Smooth. Buff. Condition... She got up to wash her hands off when she was directed and picked a lacquer color that would look cute on the tips of her claws. The Kobakama woman sat in front of her and Neffydd described what sort of design she wanted.

"Just the tips in the green," She motioned toward the vial of lacquer. "Then a thin purple swish where the tip meets the bed?" It was quickly done as they chatted about Sullens and the woman's daughter, then the woman took her payment.

Neffydd sat herself at the drying tables and waited for the thin layers of polish to set and harden. For about half an hour she sat, relaxing and watching the bustle then gently stroked the lats painted nail to check how dry it was. She deemed the paint dry enough, turned off the fans she was using, got up from her chair and pulled out her mobile com to call Sullens as soon as she was on the street again.

She thanked the couple working the shop and reached for the door while looking at her phone. The door opened before she could reach it and she looked up.

"Hey you!" She smiled at Sullens and he held up a bag to her. "Perfect timing; I was just going to call you!" and they walked out the door.

"Shall we walk?" Neffydd offered, "Or wait for the bus?"

"We can walk while we wait." Sullens replied.

They walked down the street took a turn about a block away and walked across the bridge, under the over pass and past their favorite curio shop. 

Neffydd had now been up 20 hours. She had wanted to spend time with Sullens as they did their chores but her body was starting to have an issue with the exercise without enough sleep. Her legs, stomach and back were beginning to cramp as she pushed on. It was nothing like things she'd endured in the past, just a mild discomfort, really. Sure did make it hard to walk, though.

A half mile walk more and she could lay down in her bed. A quarter mile; three blocks; a parking lot and a street; a set of steps and a hallway... Finally she stepped into the cool comfort of her sleeping suite, feeling so much better to be out of the light of the BOB.


There we go, people! Sorry it's been so long!

24 July, 2012

Tell me about it! O/C 7-24-12

Well, I'm in need of information and polling the general populace of whoever sees my various profile sites seems to be the way to get it...

I would like to know about that time you met that special someone who was in a relationship already. I want to know if you asked them out; how you went about bringing up your interest; if you just let the opportunity slide by; if you decided to have some sort of polyamorous relationship; and most of all how everything made you feel.

The general information will be incorporated into a novel I'm writing, but no specific details. I will not be trading stories for monetary compensation, but I'm willing to draw, sew or write something on commission for anything I can't do without.

You can reach me here or check my profile for my other contact info.

Thanks, in advance!

16 July, 2012

Me, That's Who

Neffydd listened to the sharp "shhhhhhhich" of the sheers as she sliced another coupon out of the paper. It's nice to have friends who think of her every once-in-a-while; even if it is only to drop her a pamphlet of coupons. She sniffed.

Lately she'd been getting this ever sinking feeling that the people in her life didn't want her around so much as they needed her for a specific task that no one else could do. they seemed so surprised when she would refuse. So surprised that she stopped contacting them for company. Hmph.

The stress of her daily life was seriously getting to her, it had been for a while and the stresses showed no signs of letting up. No one wanted to be her confidante. No one wanted to listen to her whine about all the crap that had been flung at her or how she had no control over her own life, even though she was the only one paying the bills or hold her when she sobbed because she couldn't hold it together any longer.

No. She was in this alone and there was nothing she could do about it. So she did what she always did; what she suggested everyone else do. She sucked it the fuck up and got on with her shitty life. Who the hell else was going to get this shit done?

10 July, 2012

Out of Sync (This is why no one can see me.)

Neffydd had been noticing a disturbing recurrence of events, lately.

Occasionally people had difficulties finding her, no matter how glaringly obvious she was. Some of those times, despite deductive evidence that it was completely impossible to miss her, people just couldn't find her... and she would never see them looking.

It's not uncommon for one of her children to go looking for her and completely miss her. They're not very good at paying any type of attention to any type of thing at all.

However, when Warder Sullens was having a procedure at the local medical facility Neffydd sat in the only waiting room, in front of the only door, next to the only lifter reading her book for almost five hours before someone came to get her.

The elderly wood elf cast her gaze across the room, "Neffydd?" She looked confused.

"Yes...?" Neffydd was concerned that the two hour procedure had taken so long. Her mind was making up all manner of horrid things that could have happened.

"Where have you been?" The nurse sounded testy. "We've been looking for you. Sullens is getting ready to leave."

"What?" It was Neffydd's turn to be confused. "I've been sitting here the entire time."

"We sent someone to get you almost two hours ago." The older elf guided them to a lower floor and toward Sullens chamber, "It must have been while you were in the latrine or something."

"I've been 'holding it' so I wouldn't miss him." Neffydd replied darkly. "I was in that room the entire time."

"Well, I don't know then. There's only one entrance and exit to that department." The nurse parted the curtain to Sullens room and reunited them.

Neffydd mulled over how she could have missed seeing Sullens, on a padded gurney, attached to an IV bag and beeping monitors, in the company of a nurse, a technician and an orderly who were all actively looking for her.

Later that week, and again a few weeks later, she waited for public transit a extra ordinary amount of time before using her telecom to call for information. Both times she was told that her transport had come and gone, without seeing her at all.

Now, Neffydd is not reclusive, she doesn't wear washed out dark colors or pastels, she doesn't ignore things or people who pass by, she is not deaf or blind... Quite the opposite, in fact. Her wardrobe is of bright and often primary colors, she talks to random people for entertainment, she can hear a pin drop in a party and she only needs corrective lenses for reading.

How, then, is it possible to miss her standing on the side of the road, waiting patiently, bored out of her ever-loving mind? Sullens was even with her one of the times! A six-and-a-half foot demon, for goodness sake! The public transit workers have a lot to take care of while guiding a large caravan down busy streets. Sometimes they don't see the people waiting. But when Neffydd never sees, (or hears,) the transport pass, it means something is amiss.

These events seem to be recurring more frequently over the past few years. As a child, Neffydd was always good at finding places to hide and read a favorite novel. Children often are. As a young teen, she was shy and attributed her seeming invisibility to a lack of people who wanted to find her. In her later teens and early twenties Neffydd decided that the only reason she had for not having many friends was her lack of effort; so she changed her attitude. Now she literally knew hundreds of people, but even her closest friends, family and lovers occasionally lost her in plain sight.

Neffydd's working theory is that she has to make the effort to stay in sync with the rest of society. If she's not paying strict attention to being able to be found, she can't be. Unfortunately, just like Arthur Dent's ability to fly, if she's thinking about it even in the slightest, she re-syncs. Even if she's thinking about how to stay invisible.

She's been sat on while reading, stepped on in a theater, channel-changed while watching a telecast, jumped on while sleeping, glanced-through while working, bumped, banged, shoved, gossiped about, discussed, and so on. The only other remedy seems to be if someone knows exactly where she is, and she doesn't move an inch.

04 July, 2012

O/C 7/4/12

Hello Peoples!

I'm testing the waters for a Live-Write... Who would like to join me as I screw up English in fantastical ways?

Leave me a message here, on my G+ or my twitter... (Well, I'm sure you know how to find me!) Let me know what you think! Would you like to know what kinds of weirdo things go onto the page before you read them? :D

30 June, 2012

Izit yores?

Neffydd looked up from her writing as the tinkling sounds grew stronger. Mini was standing in the doorway with something in dangling from her upheld hand. Something that sounded for all the worlds like the miniature horse and sleigh that had come with the miniature winter village was trotting around shaking miniature sleigh bells.
"Mommy?" She said, no shyness in her youth-high voice. "Iz this yores?"
"Is what mine, honey?"
"This!" she shook the thing again; this time making it sound as if she had a bell fey by the wings.
"Bring it here."
"Izit yores??" She insisted as she entered the pool of light Neffydd was using and held out a silver belled chain with a hook in one end.
"Yes, baby!" She took her dancing anklet from her daughter. "I've been looking for this! Thanks!"
Mini smiled and ran back to play with her cousin. "IT WAZ HERZ!" Neffydd heard the excited child yell at someone.
She smiled and went back to her work.

21 June, 2012

Some more about this blog (O/C 6/21/12)


I know you're there. I can see you are reading my page. There's traffic stats that tell me over TWO HUNDRED views. Where's the love?

It's my birthday and I'm going to ask you for something. I would like to see subscriptions, shares and COMMENTS!

You see, this is a creative writing exercise I've given myself and I would love to hear what you think. I'm trying to build my creative thinking muscles, but I need some spotters! Feed-back, people! Feed-back!

I'm trying to get into the habbit of turning every-day things into fantasy stories so that I stop getting writers' block every couple of days. Who can get blocked, if they can tell an elaborate story about making a snack??? (Me. That's who...)

Comments will help me entertain you... and if you're obnoxious enough, you'll end up in the story. Guaranteed! Hehe.

I'm also open to changing the setting and the characters... Who wants ZOMBIES?!?! :D

So take a moment to tell me what you think!

19 June, 2012

Such a Looooong Weekend!

'Ohhh, my god! I'm so tiiiired...' Neffydd thought as she lay down and surfed the aether web for something interesting to watch. She started up a serial she liked and settled back into the soft pillows.

Her body was numb, her brain had pulled on a thought resistant covering and her eyes felt like there was sand in them. She sighed and rubbed her eyes again as the show stuttered to a halt mid stream. She gave up on the halted video and threw her arm over her brow, hiding in the crook of her arm.

This entire weekend was a grand comedy of errors that had resulted in a wakeful period of forty three horrible hours. Talk about a long weekend!

What had started as a normal day at the beginning of the weekend had Neffydd waking up to the pitter-patter of hyper elephants running through the hallways of their suite. She lay there for a few moments, then noted that the clock was showing three hours past median, so she threw back the light sheet covering her body and swung her legs down to the floor.

The shower felt good beating steamy delightfulness down on her shoulders and wings so she just stood in it's whispering glory until she noted a slight decrease in temperature. The shower knob squealed it's dismay as she twisted it off and the internal workings clunked as they released the rest of the water through the lower faucet.

She quickly rubbed her body dry then doubled over so her hair was dangling in front of her knees and wrapped the over-sized towel around her head. She flipped her towel-wrapped hair up and wrapped her bathrobe about her before returning to her chambers to dress completely.

The boys were returning from training and the girls were chasing each other, there was music playing from somewhere and a video showing on the projector, Aine was talking loudly at someone and Tomoe was clicking away, writing another story... Neffydd just stood there a moment and absorbed the cacophonous display of harmony.

"OH! Hi, Mom!" One of the Minions yelled and the others acknowledged her presence with varying volumes but equal enthusiasm.

Warder Sullens came over to her and fileld her in on the day's happenings then wandered off to start dinner as Neffydd sat down to check her various communications.

The evening went by with startling speed and soon Neffydd was dressed, painted, shod and supplied for her night at The Pit.

At The Pit she chatted away, amiably with Heartly, an aging nymph with an awesome personality. They were excitedly sharing ideas about something-or-other when alarms started ringing throughout the small room.

An emergency! Heartly pulled up the aethernet logging as Neffydd first confirmed the event, then opened a channel in the over head paging system.

"Emergency, floor three... Emergency, floor three..." She announced until they were contacted again and told that the required personnel were all accounted for.

When Heartly left at the end of her short shift Neffydd was left in the quiet solitude of early-mornings in The Pit's communications closet. She pulled up a story to read and settled into the silence.

Traveling home was uneventful but, when she tried to get some rest, one thing after another would jar her awake before she had fully slipped into unconsciousness. First Mini wanted to cuddle, then throw a kicking tantrum when her father collected her for breakfast. There was running, yelling, crying, barking, cursing, door-slamming... Just too much to sleep through.

Neffydd sighed and looked at the clock. 11:22 it glared, redly at her. She rolled over and slowed her breathing, taking deep breaths until she finally felt her body relaxing into sleep.

"Neffdd, it's time to get up..." Sullens had his hand on her hip.

She groaned and looked at the clock, again. 11:34... DAMMIT!!!!

"What the Hell?!?" she demanded.

"We were going to my parents' for lunch," He spoke softly, "remember?"

"Yes!" She wanted to wring his neck. "I remember telling you that I didn't want to leave for another HOUR!"

"But..." He started.

"I just want a little nap!" She cried.

"I thought you'd need some time to get ready." he shifted on the bed, probably pulling away so if she decided to murder him he could get out of the room quicker. "We were going to stop at Market, too."

"I am!" She tossed back the covers, revealing that she was almost completely dressed. "All I need is a shirt and shoes to be ready to walk out the door."

"OK," he replied, "I'll let you be."

"No use now." She sighed. "I won't be able to get to sleep before we have to go."

She rose and finished dressing then readied the Minions to leave. They packed the Minions into the conveyance and traveled to Market.

At Market they picked up a few trinkets and some medicine then headed out to Warder Sullens' parents.

When the arrived, Sullens' parents were assembling a delightful lunch. Mini danced around the kitchen trying to get as much attention from her grandmother as possible, delighted that she could 'help' her beloved grandmother assemble a fruit salad.

Lunch was soon consumed and Sullens' brother suggested that they all go to a near-by park to play. Before leaving, Neffydd was presented with a small cabinet with a sturdy top and several drawers and lidded cubbies for her sewing room. It was a great birthday gift! She'd been saying how much she wanted a sewing stand for a while.

Then they piled into their different traveling contraptions and headed to the park where they climbed on the playground, ran, chased, yelled, laughed, jumped... in general, had a pretty fun time.

When they thought the children were tired enough they assembled them into the vehicles and headed back to Sullens' parents house. Shortly after they left the park a peace officer stopped them, citing an inspection lapse then proceeded to bully and belittle Sullens for his memory problems before impounding the family vehicle. Neffydd knew that the officer had a job to do, she knew that the registration on the vehicle had been suspended and it had to be impounded... She didn't know why the officer had to be so wretched.

Sullens' father collected them from the side of the road, gave them a light "You know better" talking to, then brought them back home and talked over what they were going to do.

After returning home, Neffydd had just enough time to take a quick shower, dress appropriately and gather her things for work before boarding the public transportation to work.

Work was blessedly uneventful, besides discovering that one of the harpies, (the one no one liked,) had quit and Neffydd was about to start getting more hours. She exchanged a couple notes with Katryni and played some games.

Right before she left for the day, her boss sat with Neffydd in a meeting room for her monthly review. Her boss repremanded her for clocking in late eight times, then informed her that the policy is that ONE minute is late. Neffydd made a mental note to cut-in-line next time she was waiting at the time clock to punch-in... not matter how angry the other people get. He boss went on to inform Neffydd that not having a personal phone was a violation and it wasn't good enough that they had Sullens' phone number.

She rode home, on the public transport, listening to her portable music maker, watching the people come and go.

13 June, 2012

Six hr, Six min, Six sec AKA One Hell of a Time

Neffydd's head hurt but it wasn't very bad so she ignored it. She got to The Pit of Hell just a little over two hours ago and was already bored.

For the first hour she had sat at a reception desk in a higher level than her normal office, directing people toward the only office that was still open so late. She had that assignment because her boss couldn't get the schedule right and had tried to schedule four staff members to use two computers.

For the next half hour she had sat in the break room after escorting her co-worker, the fairy, to the door. She was avoiding the petty posturing and sniping of the other two of her co-workers, a pair of aging harpies, who each thought the other was inept and bossy.

When one of the harpies left for the night Neffydd finally got a chair in front of a computer but still had nothing to do. She had to do her best to look busy or Della would tell her boss about how lazy Neffydd was. Never mind that the phone that Neffydd was supposed to be answering wasn't RINGING!

She listened to Della rant about this and that. She read a story. She checked her messages. She wrote some. She drank something that was supposed to be stimulating, but only made her have to pee. She chit-chatted about how pizza really did still have calories...

Only six hours, six minutes and six seconds to go until time to fly the coup.

02 June, 2012


Neffydd awoke with a start, confused, dry of mouth, scared. Her brain was trying to decipher her surroundings with an urgency that was bewildering to her in her hung-over state. Her eyes were still closed; she was sniffing the air and listening hard.

Then she heard it.

The Noise. The sounds of distress that always hung Neffydd's heart in her throat. But it was muffled.

Her brain kicked into high gear, "Emergency Mode", she called it. He eyes snapped open, and she screamed for her sisters before she even turned over. She grabbed Warder Sullens by the shoulders and pulled herself to her knees, simultaneously pulling him out of his pillow where he was quietly smothering while he seized. His brain seeking vengeance for some slight, by trying to kill him in his sleep.

Aine threw the door to Neffydd's suite open, telecom in her hand, finger over the toggle. "Is he...?" She saw Sullens twitching in Neffydd's arms and triggered the communicator. The device blared a warning bell and connected to the city's emergency services. She walked out of the suite, toward the front entry, blurting information at high speed to the dispatcher over the com.

Sullens' body quieted, and Neffydd checked his breathing. She let him down and pulled him over onto his back, then found them clothing.

Aine reported that the public emergency conveyance was on it's way and Tomoe pulled Mini back into the common room when she tried to run into her parents' suite.

The emergency health techs tromped their Centauran feet into the suite and took charge of Sullens while a Faun spoke to Neffydd. Name of patient? What's wrong? History of brain storms? Age? Height? Weight? Neffydd answered the questions mechanically, as she had done so many times before. Her brain slowed and she couldn't shake the fog out from between her ears or thin her tongue enough to pronounce some of the medical words they wanted from her... She was still hung-over from drinking last night... her head was pounding, her mouth dry & sticky, her stomach growling it's displeasure and her eyes wanted to close out the displeasures of the morning to send her back to sleep.

The Centaur pulled Sullens from his bed and carried him out to their waiting conveyance. Neffydd scrubbed her face then changed her clothes to something presentable, gathered a few things they would need into a big satchel then followed the Centaur and climbed into the vehicle.

She sat on the bench at the front of the cart, chatting small-talk with the Centaur pulling it while the Faun tended to Sullens in the back. The Centaur was a young fellow, full of enthusiasm for his job. Neffydd though he might burn-out soon. She'd seen it happen before.

The Emergency ward was calm when they arrived. She commented on the quiet nature of the ward and was shushed by five different attendants.

"Did she just JINX us?" A nurse asked the Faun.

"Yep!" He replied with a sharp-toothed grin.

Thirty minutes later the noise level in the ward rose as the rooms on either side of theirs got, one a possible heart failure, then the other a drug addict who had tried to quit but thought she was dying from the withdrawal. The former had pain that came and went causing her to call out occasionally, the latter made continuous moaning and crying noises, calling out to passers-by that she was dying from the pain until they finally gave her enough medicines to put her to sleep.

The rest of the stay was uneventful as they medicated Sullens then let him rest while watching him to make sure he wasn't going to seize again.

Aine arrived to bring them all home, with promises of breakfast at their favorite diner.

Mmmmmm breakfast burger...

29 May, 2012

At Tourney! or This is a REALLY Long Entry

Neffydd filed her talons as she waited. That's right, more waiting. This time it was waiting for Aine to get replacement transportation as the transport she had scheduled last week fell through, last minute. Every thing was packed into trunks and satchels; organized into piles for quickest loading and some of it already loaded into the conveyance that Neffydd had arranged.

Her boys had no classes today so they were running amok and playing with the girls while Neffydd had run out of things to pack and organize and had taken to drumming her fingers on the table top. 'That one's uneven' she thought of another talon and rubbed at it with her file.

The door to the lair breezed open announcing that Aine had arrived home. One look at her face and Neffyd knew that Aine had not had luck with her conveyance.

Neffydd heaved a mental sigh and went to talk to their flat-mate. After a short amount of haggling she was able to rent the vehicle for the weekend, but now they were half a day late getting started.

The second conveyance got packed in record time but the Minions were beginning to get cranky. The trip took over two hours, all the while Neffydd was thankful that the vibrations of travel had put all but the two oldest Minions to sleep.

Their late departure had them at the gates, waiting to speak to the occupants of the Troll booth just as the night beat the light away with a stick. Neffydd looked down at her niece, Lilly who had her little hands clamped firmly over her pointed filigree ears.

"What's wrong, Lilly?" She asked the little elf-child as they stood in the warm, quiet, late spring night.

"It's too loud!" Lilly hissed.

"What is?" Neffydd was completely confused, but she listened for sounds anyhow, only hearing the peeper toads from the pond down the path.

"The noise!" Neffydd still could hear nothing as Warder Sullens joined them to listen for the sound.

"There's nothing, Lilly..." He tried to reassure her, but the child became even more agitated.

Neffydd had an idea: "SHHH!" She pressed her fingers to her lips. "Can you hear the beeping noise?"

Lilly took her hands off her ears. "What?" She listened for a few moments. "Yes! I hear it!"

"Those are peeping toads! Do you know what toads are?"

"YEAHS!!!" The child trilled at the top of her lungs. "PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! I'M A TOAD!!!!!" crisis averted

They received their entitlement tokens from the trolls after paying the modest entrance fees then chose a spot way in the back of the site to set up their camp. It was quickly decided that only the most pertinent tents would be set up that night so the Minions could get to sleep.

Tomoe had her small tent up very quickly so she set about making hearty sandwiches for the rest of the family as they set up their own temporary domiciles. Neffydd barely remembers eating the meat, cheese and vegetable sandwich as she drove spikes into the ground around her simple, round, canvas yurt with her foot and pulled on guy lines making sure they were taut.

Falling into bed wasn't very memorable either.

Some time just after dawn Mini started sobbing. It's not very uncommon for her to wake up and cry for a minute or two before falling back to sleep, but that morning she didn't return to slumber.

After a few minutes, Neffydd called out to her. "Mini... come here, love." She repeated a couple of times before the child woke up enough to wander out of her brothers' tent, where she had been put to sleep after the adults had decided that raising the girls' tent would just be too much for the night, and into her parents'.

"I had a bad dream..." Mini whined, "I can't sleep."

"OK, baby." Neffydd flipped back the covers and invited her child into their warm bed. "Come cuddle for a minute and then we'll make breakfast." Mini snuggled against her mother and promptly fell back to sleep.

A couple more hours of sleep had her fully recharged and waking her groggy parents. "Can I have brekkist now? I'm hungry..." She chanted until her mother was awake.

Breakfast, for the Minions, was light snacks while Warder Sullens and Neffydd set up the large common pavilion. After breakfast Sebock and Zennaton ran off to find their friends while Sullens and Neffydd took Mini and Tomoe to stash the vehicle and browse the shops.

They stopped by the List Fields for a moment to view a couple spectacular sets in the fencing tournaments then continued on at Mini's insistence.

The Market square was a chipper, sunny place full of good smells and pretty things to look at and buy. They walked from vendor to vendor searching the stalls for something interesting. They bought several lengths of cloth and a book for Tomoe between chatting with friends then returned to camp to have a light lunch.

As they were sitting in camp, eating and chatting, the wind picked up. The light, warm breeze became a gusting blast that threatened to knock the large pavilion over. Neffydd clung to one of the legs of the tent while Sullens tried tieing up the sides. They thought it would decrease the amount of tent the winds could push on but it only succeeded in allowing the wily gale to draft up inside the tent billowing the top and lifting it from the ground. They quickly dropped the sides of the tent and took to begging the winds to calm and fretting about the ripped wall fastenings.

That evening the winds finally died down. Tomoe made marinaded poultry, grilled and fried vegetables in gravy, served over white sweet grains. They ate and talked, put the minions to bed, then drank and laughed about silly things for a few hours before taking to bed as well.

Breakfast the next morning was a huge afair. Toast dipped in egg custard and pan fried, sausage and bacon with fruit.

They chatted with friends and shopped some more in the morning, picking up a pair of goblets, a set of swords for the boys and a metal head band for Mini.

After a quick lunch where Tomoe regailed them with her experiences at the archery range, she sat with the minions while Sullens and Neffydd walked to a wonderful beer making class. The three hours long class was full of information, including a lengthy demonstration on how to boil grains to start the beer brewing process. There wasn't a lot of work to do during the demo, as it was mostly waiting for water to boil, but during the times the class was waiting the instructor gave a detailed history, interesting factoids, some idyll chatter and even a sample of one of his previous brews that made the time pass quickly as time well enjoyed tends to do.

A couple friends joined them for a supper of fire roasted meats with salad and bread then stayed for beers and stories after. The children roasted sweets over the fire to make gooey, sticky treats and they all stayed up way too late that night the next morning they had to pack up to leave.

Exhausted from all the fun and more at peace, as a family, they made the journey home.

24 May, 2012

Out of Character 5/24

As you may be able to tell My family and I are going to be out of town this weekend. Tomorrow's going to be pretty hectic, but I'll try to get you a blog post of the day's events.

There's not going to be a post all weekend but I plan on making an extra large post on Monday night/Tuesday morning detailing the weekend's events.

Enjoy the weekend people and have a nice holiday, my American Friends!

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Neffydd stretches until the hitch in her spine between her wings pops and loosens. The flutter-flies in her stomach won't settle down like she wants, but they had every right to be as excited as she. This weekend is going to be AWESOME!

It's pretty late at night and she's talking to Warder Sullens and Katryni over the aether-com. He has just finished helping Aine put Lilly down for bed, (occasionally quite the arduous task,) and now has time to find the inventory lists Neffydd forgot to bring to work with her and send her copies to print out.

Just a couple more hours until she can be rid of The Pit of Hell and start her weekend! YAY!

Right after her shift, Neffydd is going to take a short nap, fix-up the lists she just printed, then be off to the market to gather the food-stuffs that they need for the long weekend at the Tournaments. She's going to stop by the nail salon to get her talons shortened and the paint color changed then at mid-day She'll go to Katryni's place to help her organize for her weekend thrift sale and after that Neffydd will sew until they scream at her to stop!

Friday morning will consist of a grand rush to get everything organized in a way that makes all the things able to fit into two vehicles, then off to the east to set up their household camp. Tourney = AWESOME!!!

Neffydd can barely sit still enough to type and the clock seems to be staging a peaceful rebellion... it refuses to advance quick enough no mater how Neffydd curses at it. She takes another sip of a minty hot beverage and wiggles some more.

There's a song running around her head and occasionally bumping into her Hum Impulse so that every-so-often she keeps humming the same few bars over and over again. She decides to turn on the radio to kill the brain-song and save the rest of her preciously small amount of sanity.

Only a couple more hours now...

23 May, 2012


Meanwhile, at The Pit of Hell:

"Good evening and thank you for calling, The Pit of Hell! My name is Neffydd, How may I disservice you?" The spiel is so ingrained in Neffydd's head that she doesn't even have to think about the words...

"Do ya hash a fishes?"

"Pardon? We have what?"

"Should ew hatz a issues??"

"Issues? I don't understand..."


"OH! Sure! I can transfer you to Admitting. Have a nice night!" Click-click-click-click-tap.

Never mind that there are no fishes in Admitting; plenty of issues, but no fish.

Andur the Gnome was working in the next seat over... Andur has verbal diarrhea most nights and had already gone through the nights events once before Neffydd had shown him that there was a new flash game that he could access on The Pit's Aether-com. He was now clicking happily & would only be spouting out gems like: "Deader than a door mouse..." and "Soon business will pick up!"


Maybe it will when the Zombies get their godsdam act together...

But for now Neffydd sits in a particularly uncomfortable chair every night waiting to leave while occasionally doing what she's being paid obscene amounts of mullah to do, drinking copious amounts of thick, bitter, stimulating beverages and reading other people's blogs.


19 May, 2012

The Warder Day Off; better known as: MY FOOD!

MINIONS! Minions everywhere!

Neffydd's head was pounding as she found herself wishing for the dark silence of just a couple hours ago when everyone in the suite, but her, was asleep.

It was Warder Sullens' day off and he was fast asleep in her soft, warm, inviting bed. She longed to be there too as she swallowed another headache tablet and craned her neck first this way, then that, counting minions. Where had that littlest one got to?? There she was, crawling under a chair... Meh. Whatever kept her from screaming.

"HEY!" Screamed Lilly, "That one's MIIIIINE!!!" The minions had been given a bowl of fluffy pop-grains to eat and now they we fighting over each and every grain.

"That's IT!" Neffydd yelled in return. "Lilly! Away from the bowl." And she picked the willful child up, setting her down a few feet away.

"Noooooooo!" Lilly cried, more than a hint of desperation in her voice.

"Yes!" Neffydd commanded. "You tried to start fights over a GRAIN. I'm not having any of it!"

The rest of the Minions quieted enough to watch, wide-eyed, as Lilly stomped her little elven feet, HUMPHed and stuck her fingers into her pouting mouth. There was no chance the other Minions would let her near the bowl now... more for them.

Neffydd went to check on Mini, who had been sent to the dorm for various offenses. When she got to the dorm entrance she spied the half elf/demon scurrying back into the dorm, naked as the day she was birthed. Mini slammed the door shut as her mother got to it so Neffydd slammed it back open.

"What, pray tell, ARE you doing???" The small child was huddled under her blankets, peering over them with her huge, baleful eyes.

"I was going potty..." she whimpered.

"Naked?" Neffydd asked. Mini nodded. "And what about this morning? What were you doing then??" the morning had started with Mini asking for breakfast, Sebock and Zennaton were already up and making noise in their dorm. Neffydd was feeding her sister's youngest, a newborn elf is a very fragile thing and has to have a very regular schedule so she couldn't just put the baby down to cater to the whims of her own spoiled child. Neffydd had told Mini to ask her brothers to pour a bowl of cereal for her along with their own. After a few moments Ayesha came in to inform Neffydd that Mini was screaming at the top of her lungs instead of removing herself from the boys dorm... a place she knew she had no right to be in the first place.

"They wouldn't gimme brekkist!" She whined.

"They told you to leave so you wouldn't get in trouble AND so they could get dressed in private!" Neffydd reiterated.

"...but..." Mini pouted, "I just wanted my cereal..."

"You need to learn to wait." Neffydd was soooo tired of having to tell this child that she wasn't the planetary ruler. "Instead of waiting for a few moments while they got dressed, you have had to wait until everyone was done eating. Was that what you wanted?" Mini shook her head. "Well get dressed so you can have your breakfast." Neffydd walked out of the dorm and into the kitchen to pour cereal.

16 May, 2012


Searing pain shoots through ever nerve in Neffydd's body, stiffening every swollen joint... an icy breeze scrapes it razor edge along her exposed flesh...

The minions are dancing and screaming in shrill voices somewhere too close.

Warder Sullens brings a small bottle of pressed tablets and the rattling noise is akin to marbles bouncing off her skull. He opens the bottle and hands her a giant tab. She grabs the mug at her side, places the tab between her teeth and flips it back to her throat while she takes a long swig of the sickly-sweet dark liquid. She grimaces at the tepid temperature and grainy texture but the stimulant should help.

She leans back into the cushions of her bed and closes her eyes, just for a moment...

Beginnings are usually boring...A.K.A. Remind me to get the money.

The winged Elf, Neffydd opened her wide, green-ringed cobalt eyes to the blissful silence of her bedchambers. Her demon lover, Warder Sullens, was gone from her side and most likely the reason the minions-in-training weren't creating chamber-penetrating cacophony.

She looked over to the time piece on one of her many clothing chests and saw that it was nearing time for her oldest minion, Sebock, her tall but skinny Elven son, to come home from his training. In fact, the muted squeeeee'ing from the minions-in-training and the tenor barking from the Stoner Dog semi-god must be the heralding of Sebock's arrival.

Neffydd stretched until her joints popped and rolled over to view her ether-line communicator. She opened up her message board and viewed a few posts from various friends and acquaintances before sending a message to her friend Katryni, an interesting Pixie lady with a beautiful body covered in wonderful tattoos. Neffydd was hopeful that Katryni would become her lover, but being a timid Elven lass she could never find the nerve to ask, so when Katryni replied almost immediately a small thrill ran through Neffydd. They chatted for a while as Neffydd ordered the invasion of a small country and sent a spy into another.

"MOMMMYYYYY!!!" Neffydd's chamber door flung open in front of Minni's panicked dismay. "I asked for a treat but daddy said NOOOOOOO..."

Neffydd chuckled and held her sobbing child for a few moments, "Do you want a cuddle?" The minion-in-training shook her head as Sullens came through the door. He picked up the small child and dragged her onto the bed for a proper mauling before letting her go.

"I need to bathe," she announced to Sullens, "Would you like to join me?"

"Of course, my love." He agreed and Minni started to unbutton her shirt.

"Not you!" Neffydd laughingly clarified to the small elf-demon hybrid, "Just Daddy and me!"

"Ahwww!" Minni whined, "But I NEED a bath!"

"Maybe you can have a bath later?" Neffydd offered

"She had a bath earlier." Sullens countered.

"Oh, really?" Neffydd took her child's face in her hands and kissed her brow, "Then I'm sure you're clean enough for this day."

Neffydd and Sullens gathered their things and trudged to the back of their spacious, yet jam-packed suite where the bathing chamber was. While she was washing her hair, Neffydd noticed an odd noise coming from out of the shower. She slid the door aside and peeked out to see Minni standing in the doorway, with a bath toy, humming to herself.

"NO, Minni." Neffydd said with as much authority as a naked, wet, winged Elf could muster. "You may NOT come into the bath with us."

Minni puckered her face, made a 180° spin and went screeching back down the hall. 'That's what you get,' Neffydd thought to herself, 'When you mix Elves and demons.'

A little while later Zennaton arrived home, "Mom!" the small Elven boy demanded her attention, "I need the money for my trip! Did you get it? It has to be in by tomorrow..."

"I'll have it for you before you leave tomorrow." Neffydd peered around the kitchen where her son had waylaid her.

Sebock had washed the pots and pans then run out to play with a friend before anyone could find anything more for him to clean. Her sister, Aine, another winged elf and their housemate Ayesha Lelle, a succubus, were just starting to bread and fry fish that smelled delicious. Neffydd looked into the pan and saw that the first pieces were just beginning to crisp around the edges becoming a delightful golden brown. It boggled Neffydd's mind how something so beautiful could be in a pan manned by someone who's main food repertoire was pasta with a sauce... usually jarred red sauce from the market.

The fish had a nice crunch and a delicate flavor that really popped with just a little salt, pepper and lemon. It was served with garlic flavored mashed potatoes that complimented the fish well and a carrot/pea combo that Neffydd didn't eat as peas were probably her least favorite vegitable ranking right under shrimp in the 'List of Things I Refuse to Eat".

While she ate Neffydd wrote some mediocre things and chatted with Katryni then Minni came to give a kiss and hug good night and took Neffydd's empty plate to the kitchen.

Neffydd glanced at the clock and realized that it was time to leave. PAST time to leave! As she was running out the door Zennaton yelled after her: "Don't forget the money!"

Good Night!

There you have it folks. First real blog post! And a look into my EXTRA-BORING life ;-) I'll post again when there's actually something to write! Haha...