16 May, 2012

Beginnings are usually boring...A.K.A. Remind me to get the money.

The winged Elf, Neffydd opened her wide, green-ringed cobalt eyes to the blissful silence of her bedchambers. Her demon lover, Warder Sullens, was gone from her side and most likely the reason the minions-in-training weren't creating chamber-penetrating cacophony.

She looked over to the time piece on one of her many clothing chests and saw that it was nearing time for her oldest minion, Sebock, her tall but skinny Elven son, to come home from his training. In fact, the muted squeeeee'ing from the minions-in-training and the tenor barking from the Stoner Dog semi-god must be the heralding of Sebock's arrival.

Neffydd stretched until her joints popped and rolled over to view her ether-line communicator. She opened up her message board and viewed a few posts from various friends and acquaintances before sending a message to her friend Katryni, an interesting Pixie lady with a beautiful body covered in wonderful tattoos. Neffydd was hopeful that Katryni would become her lover, but being a timid Elven lass she could never find the nerve to ask, so when Katryni replied almost immediately a small thrill ran through Neffydd. They chatted for a while as Neffydd ordered the invasion of a small country and sent a spy into another.

"MOMMMYYYYY!!!" Neffydd's chamber door flung open in front of Minni's panicked dismay. "I asked for a treat but daddy said NOOOOOOO..."

Neffydd chuckled and held her sobbing child for a few moments, "Do you want a cuddle?" The minion-in-training shook her head as Sullens came through the door. He picked up the small child and dragged her onto the bed for a proper mauling before letting her go.

"I need to bathe," she announced to Sullens, "Would you like to join me?"

"Of course, my love." He agreed and Minni started to unbutton her shirt.

"Not you!" Neffydd laughingly clarified to the small elf-demon hybrid, "Just Daddy and me!"

"Ahwww!" Minni whined, "But I NEED a bath!"

"Maybe you can have a bath later?" Neffydd offered

"She had a bath earlier." Sullens countered.

"Oh, really?" Neffydd took her child's face in her hands and kissed her brow, "Then I'm sure you're clean enough for this day."

Neffydd and Sullens gathered their things and trudged to the back of their spacious, yet jam-packed suite where the bathing chamber was. While she was washing her hair, Neffydd noticed an odd noise coming from out of the shower. She slid the door aside and peeked out to see Minni standing in the doorway, with a bath toy, humming to herself.

"NO, Minni." Neffydd said with as much authority as a naked, wet, winged Elf could muster. "You may NOT come into the bath with us."

Minni puckered her face, made a 180° spin and went screeching back down the hall. 'That's what you get,' Neffydd thought to herself, 'When you mix Elves and demons.'

A little while later Zennaton arrived home, "Mom!" the small Elven boy demanded her attention, "I need the money for my trip! Did you get it? It has to be in by tomorrow..."

"I'll have it for you before you leave tomorrow." Neffydd peered around the kitchen where her son had waylaid her.

Sebock had washed the pots and pans then run out to play with a friend before anyone could find anything more for him to clean. Her sister, Aine, another winged elf and their housemate Ayesha Lelle, a succubus, were just starting to bread and fry fish that smelled delicious. Neffydd looked into the pan and saw that the first pieces were just beginning to crisp around the edges becoming a delightful golden brown. It boggled Neffydd's mind how something so beautiful could be in a pan manned by someone who's main food repertoire was pasta with a sauce... usually jarred red sauce from the market.

The fish had a nice crunch and a delicate flavor that really popped with just a little salt, pepper and lemon. It was served with garlic flavored mashed potatoes that complimented the fish well and a carrot/pea combo that Neffydd didn't eat as peas were probably her least favorite vegitable ranking right under shrimp in the 'List of Things I Refuse to Eat".

While she ate Neffydd wrote some mediocre things and chatted with Katryni then Minni came to give a kiss and hug good night and took Neffydd's empty plate to the kitchen.

Neffydd glanced at the clock and realized that it was time to leave. PAST time to leave! As she was running out the door Zennaton yelled after her: "Don't forget the money!"

Good Night!

There you have it folks. First real blog post! And a look into my EXTRA-BORING life ;-) I'll post again when there's actually something to write! Haha...