29 May, 2012

At Tourney! or This is a REALLY Long Entry

Neffydd filed her talons as she waited. That's right, more waiting. This time it was waiting for Aine to get replacement transportation as the transport she had scheduled last week fell through, last minute. Every thing was packed into trunks and satchels; organized into piles for quickest loading and some of it already loaded into the conveyance that Neffydd had arranged.

Her boys had no classes today so they were running amok and playing with the girls while Neffydd had run out of things to pack and organize and had taken to drumming her fingers on the table top. 'That one's uneven' she thought of another talon and rubbed at it with her file.

The door to the lair breezed open announcing that Aine had arrived home. One look at her face and Neffyd knew that Aine had not had luck with her conveyance.

Neffydd heaved a mental sigh and went to talk to their flat-mate. After a short amount of haggling she was able to rent the vehicle for the weekend, but now they were half a day late getting started.

The second conveyance got packed in record time but the Minions were beginning to get cranky. The trip took over two hours, all the while Neffydd was thankful that the vibrations of travel had put all but the two oldest Minions to sleep.

Their late departure had them at the gates, waiting to speak to the occupants of the Troll booth just as the night beat the light away with a stick. Neffydd looked down at her niece, Lilly who had her little hands clamped firmly over her pointed filigree ears.

"What's wrong, Lilly?" She asked the little elf-child as they stood in the warm, quiet, late spring night.

"It's too loud!" Lilly hissed.

"What is?" Neffydd was completely confused, but she listened for sounds anyhow, only hearing the peeper toads from the pond down the path.

"The noise!" Neffydd still could hear nothing as Warder Sullens joined them to listen for the sound.

"There's nothing, Lilly..." He tried to reassure her, but the child became even more agitated.

Neffydd had an idea: "SHHH!" She pressed her fingers to her lips. "Can you hear the beeping noise?"

Lilly took her hands off her ears. "What?" She listened for a few moments. "Yes! I hear it!"

"Those are peeping toads! Do you know what toads are?"

"YEAHS!!!" The child trilled at the top of her lungs. "PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! I'M A TOAD!!!!!" crisis averted

They received their entitlement tokens from the trolls after paying the modest entrance fees then chose a spot way in the back of the site to set up their camp. It was quickly decided that only the most pertinent tents would be set up that night so the Minions could get to sleep.

Tomoe had her small tent up very quickly so she set about making hearty sandwiches for the rest of the family as they set up their own temporary domiciles. Neffydd barely remembers eating the meat, cheese and vegetable sandwich as she drove spikes into the ground around her simple, round, canvas yurt with her foot and pulled on guy lines making sure they were taut.

Falling into bed wasn't very memorable either.

Some time just after dawn Mini started sobbing. It's not very uncommon for her to wake up and cry for a minute or two before falling back to sleep, but that morning she didn't return to slumber.

After a few minutes, Neffydd called out to her. "Mini... come here, love." She repeated a couple of times before the child woke up enough to wander out of her brothers' tent, where she had been put to sleep after the adults had decided that raising the girls' tent would just be too much for the night, and into her parents'.

"I had a bad dream..." Mini whined, "I can't sleep."

"OK, baby." Neffydd flipped back the covers and invited her child into their warm bed. "Come cuddle for a minute and then we'll make breakfast." Mini snuggled against her mother and promptly fell back to sleep.

A couple more hours of sleep had her fully recharged and waking her groggy parents. "Can I have brekkist now? I'm hungry..." She chanted until her mother was awake.

Breakfast, for the Minions, was light snacks while Warder Sullens and Neffydd set up the large common pavilion. After breakfast Sebock and Zennaton ran off to find their friends while Sullens and Neffydd took Mini and Tomoe to stash the vehicle and browse the shops.

They stopped by the List Fields for a moment to view a couple spectacular sets in the fencing tournaments then continued on at Mini's insistence.

The Market square was a chipper, sunny place full of good smells and pretty things to look at and buy. They walked from vendor to vendor searching the stalls for something interesting. They bought several lengths of cloth and a book for Tomoe between chatting with friends then returned to camp to have a light lunch.

As they were sitting in camp, eating and chatting, the wind picked up. The light, warm breeze became a gusting blast that threatened to knock the large pavilion over. Neffydd clung to one of the legs of the tent while Sullens tried tieing up the sides. They thought it would decrease the amount of tent the winds could push on but it only succeeded in allowing the wily gale to draft up inside the tent billowing the top and lifting it from the ground. They quickly dropped the sides of the tent and took to begging the winds to calm and fretting about the ripped wall fastenings.

That evening the winds finally died down. Tomoe made marinaded poultry, grilled and fried vegetables in gravy, served over white sweet grains. They ate and talked, put the minions to bed, then drank and laughed about silly things for a few hours before taking to bed as well.

Breakfast the next morning was a huge afair. Toast dipped in egg custard and pan fried, sausage and bacon with fruit.

They chatted with friends and shopped some more in the morning, picking up a pair of goblets, a set of swords for the boys and a metal head band for Mini.

After a quick lunch where Tomoe regailed them with her experiences at the archery range, she sat with the minions while Sullens and Neffydd walked to a wonderful beer making class. The three hours long class was full of information, including a lengthy demonstration on how to boil grains to start the beer brewing process. There wasn't a lot of work to do during the demo, as it was mostly waiting for water to boil, but during the times the class was waiting the instructor gave a detailed history, interesting factoids, some idyll chatter and even a sample of one of his previous brews that made the time pass quickly as time well enjoyed tends to do.

A couple friends joined them for a supper of fire roasted meats with salad and bread then stayed for beers and stories after. The children roasted sweets over the fire to make gooey, sticky treats and they all stayed up way too late that night the next morning they had to pack up to leave.

Exhausted from all the fun and more at peace, as a family, they made the journey home.

24 May, 2012

Out of Character 5/24

As you may be able to tell My family and I are going to be out of town this weekend. Tomorrow's going to be pretty hectic, but I'll try to get you a blog post of the day's events.

There's not going to be a post all weekend but I plan on making an extra large post on Monday night/Tuesday morning detailing the weekend's events.

Enjoy the weekend people and have a nice holiday, my American Friends!

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Neffydd stretches until the hitch in her spine between her wings pops and loosens. The flutter-flies in her stomach won't settle down like she wants, but they had every right to be as excited as she. This weekend is going to be AWESOME!

It's pretty late at night and she's talking to Warder Sullens and Katryni over the aether-com. He has just finished helping Aine put Lilly down for bed, (occasionally quite the arduous task,) and now has time to find the inventory lists Neffydd forgot to bring to work with her and send her copies to print out.

Just a couple more hours until she can be rid of The Pit of Hell and start her weekend! YAY!

Right after her shift, Neffydd is going to take a short nap, fix-up the lists she just printed, then be off to the market to gather the food-stuffs that they need for the long weekend at the Tournaments. She's going to stop by the nail salon to get her talons shortened and the paint color changed then at mid-day She'll go to Katryni's place to help her organize for her weekend thrift sale and after that Neffydd will sew until they scream at her to stop!

Friday morning will consist of a grand rush to get everything organized in a way that makes all the things able to fit into two vehicles, then off to the east to set up their household camp. Tourney = AWESOME!!!

Neffydd can barely sit still enough to type and the clock seems to be staging a peaceful rebellion... it refuses to advance quick enough no mater how Neffydd curses at it. She takes another sip of a minty hot beverage and wiggles some more.

There's a song running around her head and occasionally bumping into her Hum Impulse so that every-so-often she keeps humming the same few bars over and over again. She decides to turn on the radio to kill the brain-song and save the rest of her preciously small amount of sanity.

Only a couple more hours now...

23 May, 2012


Meanwhile, at The Pit of Hell:

"Good evening and thank you for calling, The Pit of Hell! My name is Neffydd, How may I disservice you?" The spiel is so ingrained in Neffydd's head that she doesn't even have to think about the words...

"Do ya hash a fishes?"

"Pardon? We have what?"

"Should ew hatz a issues??"

"Issues? I don't understand..."


"OH! Sure! I can transfer you to Admitting. Have a nice night!" Click-click-click-click-tap.

Never mind that there are no fishes in Admitting; plenty of issues, but no fish.

Andur the Gnome was working in the next seat over... Andur has verbal diarrhea most nights and had already gone through the nights events once before Neffydd had shown him that there was a new flash game that he could access on The Pit's Aether-com. He was now clicking happily & would only be spouting out gems like: "Deader than a door mouse..." and "Soon business will pick up!"


Maybe it will when the Zombies get their godsdam act together...

But for now Neffydd sits in a particularly uncomfortable chair every night waiting to leave while occasionally doing what she's being paid obscene amounts of mullah to do, drinking copious amounts of thick, bitter, stimulating beverages and reading other people's blogs.


19 May, 2012

The Warder Day Off; better known as: MY FOOD!

MINIONS! Minions everywhere!

Neffydd's head was pounding as she found herself wishing for the dark silence of just a couple hours ago when everyone in the suite, but her, was asleep.

It was Warder Sullens' day off and he was fast asleep in her soft, warm, inviting bed. She longed to be there too as she swallowed another headache tablet and craned her neck first this way, then that, counting minions. Where had that littlest one got to?? There she was, crawling under a chair... Meh. Whatever kept her from screaming.

"HEY!" Screamed Lilly, "That one's MIIIIINE!!!" The minions had been given a bowl of fluffy pop-grains to eat and now they we fighting over each and every grain.

"That's IT!" Neffydd yelled in return. "Lilly! Away from the bowl." And she picked the willful child up, setting her down a few feet away.

"Noooooooo!" Lilly cried, more than a hint of desperation in her voice.

"Yes!" Neffydd commanded. "You tried to start fights over a GRAIN. I'm not having any of it!"

The rest of the Minions quieted enough to watch, wide-eyed, as Lilly stomped her little elven feet, HUMPHed and stuck her fingers into her pouting mouth. There was no chance the other Minions would let her near the bowl now... more for them.

Neffydd went to check on Mini, who had been sent to the dorm for various offenses. When she got to the dorm entrance she spied the half elf/demon scurrying back into the dorm, naked as the day she was birthed. Mini slammed the door shut as her mother got to it so Neffydd slammed it back open.

"What, pray tell, ARE you doing???" The small child was huddled under her blankets, peering over them with her huge, baleful eyes.

"I was going potty..." she whimpered.

"Naked?" Neffydd asked. Mini nodded. "And what about this morning? What were you doing then??" the morning had started with Mini asking for breakfast, Sebock and Zennaton were already up and making noise in their dorm. Neffydd was feeding her sister's youngest, a newborn elf is a very fragile thing and has to have a very regular schedule so she couldn't just put the baby down to cater to the whims of her own spoiled child. Neffydd had told Mini to ask her brothers to pour a bowl of cereal for her along with their own. After a few moments Ayesha came in to inform Neffydd that Mini was screaming at the top of her lungs instead of removing herself from the boys dorm... a place she knew she had no right to be in the first place.

"They wouldn't gimme brekkist!" She whined.

"They told you to leave so you wouldn't get in trouble AND so they could get dressed in private!" Neffydd reiterated.

"...but..." Mini pouted, "I just wanted my cereal..."

"You need to learn to wait." Neffydd was soooo tired of having to tell this child that she wasn't the planetary ruler. "Instead of waiting for a few moments while they got dressed, you have had to wait until everyone was done eating. Was that what you wanted?" Mini shook her head. "Well get dressed so you can have your breakfast." Neffydd walked out of the dorm and into the kitchen to pour cereal.

16 May, 2012


Searing pain shoots through ever nerve in Neffydd's body, stiffening every swollen joint... an icy breeze scrapes it razor edge along her exposed flesh...

The minions are dancing and screaming in shrill voices somewhere too close.

Warder Sullens brings a small bottle of pressed tablets and the rattling noise is akin to marbles bouncing off her skull. He opens the bottle and hands her a giant tab. She grabs the mug at her side, places the tab between her teeth and flips it back to her throat while she takes a long swig of the sickly-sweet dark liquid. She grimaces at the tepid temperature and grainy texture but the stimulant should help.

She leans back into the cushions of her bed and closes her eyes, just for a moment...

Beginnings are usually boring...A.K.A. Remind me to get the money.

The winged Elf, Neffydd opened her wide, green-ringed cobalt eyes to the blissful silence of her bedchambers. Her demon lover, Warder Sullens, was gone from her side and most likely the reason the minions-in-training weren't creating chamber-penetrating cacophony.

She looked over to the time piece on one of her many clothing chests and saw that it was nearing time for her oldest minion, Sebock, her tall but skinny Elven son, to come home from his training. In fact, the muted squeeeee'ing from the minions-in-training and the tenor barking from the Stoner Dog semi-god must be the heralding of Sebock's arrival.

Neffydd stretched until her joints popped and rolled over to view her ether-line communicator. She opened up her message board and viewed a few posts from various friends and acquaintances before sending a message to her friend Katryni, an interesting Pixie lady with a beautiful body covered in wonderful tattoos. Neffydd was hopeful that Katryni would become her lover, but being a timid Elven lass she could never find the nerve to ask, so when Katryni replied almost immediately a small thrill ran through Neffydd. They chatted for a while as Neffydd ordered the invasion of a small country and sent a spy into another.

"MOMMMYYYYY!!!" Neffydd's chamber door flung open in front of Minni's panicked dismay. "I asked for a treat but daddy said NOOOOOOO..."

Neffydd chuckled and held her sobbing child for a few moments, "Do you want a cuddle?" The minion-in-training shook her head as Sullens came through the door. He picked up the small child and dragged her onto the bed for a proper mauling before letting her go.

"I need to bathe," she announced to Sullens, "Would you like to join me?"

"Of course, my love." He agreed and Minni started to unbutton her shirt.

"Not you!" Neffydd laughingly clarified to the small elf-demon hybrid, "Just Daddy and me!"

"Ahwww!" Minni whined, "But I NEED a bath!"

"Maybe you can have a bath later?" Neffydd offered

"She had a bath earlier." Sullens countered.

"Oh, really?" Neffydd took her child's face in her hands and kissed her brow, "Then I'm sure you're clean enough for this day."

Neffydd and Sullens gathered their things and trudged to the back of their spacious, yet jam-packed suite where the bathing chamber was. While she was washing her hair, Neffydd noticed an odd noise coming from out of the shower. She slid the door aside and peeked out to see Minni standing in the doorway, with a bath toy, humming to herself.

"NO, Minni." Neffydd said with as much authority as a naked, wet, winged Elf could muster. "You may NOT come into the bath with us."

Minni puckered her face, made a 180° spin and went screeching back down the hall. 'That's what you get,' Neffydd thought to herself, 'When you mix Elves and demons.'

A little while later Zennaton arrived home, "Mom!" the small Elven boy demanded her attention, "I need the money for my trip! Did you get it? It has to be in by tomorrow..."

"I'll have it for you before you leave tomorrow." Neffydd peered around the kitchen where her son had waylaid her.

Sebock had washed the pots and pans then run out to play with a friend before anyone could find anything more for him to clean. Her sister, Aine, another winged elf and their housemate Ayesha Lelle, a succubus, were just starting to bread and fry fish that smelled delicious. Neffydd looked into the pan and saw that the first pieces were just beginning to crisp around the edges becoming a delightful golden brown. It boggled Neffydd's mind how something so beautiful could be in a pan manned by someone who's main food repertoire was pasta with a sauce... usually jarred red sauce from the market.

The fish had a nice crunch and a delicate flavor that really popped with just a little salt, pepper and lemon. It was served with garlic flavored mashed potatoes that complimented the fish well and a carrot/pea combo that Neffydd didn't eat as peas were probably her least favorite vegitable ranking right under shrimp in the 'List of Things I Refuse to Eat".

While she ate Neffydd wrote some mediocre things and chatted with Katryni then Minni came to give a kiss and hug good night and took Neffydd's empty plate to the kitchen.

Neffydd glanced at the clock and realized that it was time to leave. PAST time to leave! As she was running out the door Zennaton yelled after her: "Don't forget the money!"

Good Night!

There you have it folks. First real blog post! And a look into my EXTRA-BORING life ;-) I'll post again when there's actually something to write! Haha...

15 May, 2012

A Lil Somat About This Blog

Years ago I had a blog on Live Journal called "Just Call Me Leigh" I posted a couple times, then dropped it from boredom... this is the same thing that happened to ALLLLLLLL of my diaries and journals made of paper.

This time I vow to keep at it, creating fanciful things for you to read at least once a week, if not once every couple of days. I can't promise that you'll see a post every day, well, because I have adult ADD & I know how to make COFFEE! mmmm... cofffeeeeeee....

Anyway, this thing is connected to my Google+ so if you REALLY think I need to get on-the-ball PM me & I'll write something.

In this blog you'll be seeing stories of a fantastical nature. The stories will be of my real life, but the whole thing will be run through my Virtual Reality filter that has been set to "Complete Malarkey". You will see different forms of Fæ, martial arts that include sword fighting, Ninjitsu, Jedi training & people who scream "ARRRGGGH!" You may read visualizations that depict torture, debauchery and depredation... These are, normally, all in my head. Most of the time... unless it's in August, then anything Mundane is probably not real.

The people in my life are in here but they're masked with alter egos of their choosing, (or mine if they refuse to participate.) So they can readily find themselves in my fantasy world but their shenanigans won't be readily identifiable to the general populace.

Comments on my grammar and spelling choices will be disregarded as not part of the world in which chanMaelgwyn is placed... because I said so.

Anyway... onto the goodness...