19 May, 2012

The Warder Day Off; better known as: MY FOOD!

MINIONS! Minions everywhere!

Neffydd's head was pounding as she found herself wishing for the dark silence of just a couple hours ago when everyone in the suite, but her, was asleep.

It was Warder Sullens' day off and he was fast asleep in her soft, warm, inviting bed. She longed to be there too as she swallowed another headache tablet and craned her neck first this way, then that, counting minions. Where had that littlest one got to?? There she was, crawling under a chair... Meh. Whatever kept her from screaming.

"HEY!" Screamed Lilly, "That one's MIIIIINE!!!" The minions had been given a bowl of fluffy pop-grains to eat and now they we fighting over each and every grain.

"That's IT!" Neffydd yelled in return. "Lilly! Away from the bowl." And she picked the willful child up, setting her down a few feet away.

"Noooooooo!" Lilly cried, more than a hint of desperation in her voice.

"Yes!" Neffydd commanded. "You tried to start fights over a GRAIN. I'm not having any of it!"

The rest of the Minions quieted enough to watch, wide-eyed, as Lilly stomped her little elven feet, HUMPHed and stuck her fingers into her pouting mouth. There was no chance the other Minions would let her near the bowl now... more for them.

Neffydd went to check on Mini, who had been sent to the dorm for various offenses. When she got to the dorm entrance she spied the half elf/demon scurrying back into the dorm, naked as the day she was birthed. Mini slammed the door shut as her mother got to it so Neffydd slammed it back open.

"What, pray tell, ARE you doing???" The small child was huddled under her blankets, peering over them with her huge, baleful eyes.

"I was going potty..." she whimpered.

"Naked?" Neffydd asked. Mini nodded. "And what about this morning? What were you doing then??" the morning had started with Mini asking for breakfast, Sebock and Zennaton were already up and making noise in their dorm. Neffydd was feeding her sister's youngest, a newborn elf is a very fragile thing and has to have a very regular schedule so she couldn't just put the baby down to cater to the whims of her own spoiled child. Neffydd had told Mini to ask her brothers to pour a bowl of cereal for her along with their own. After a few moments Ayesha came in to inform Neffydd that Mini was screaming at the top of her lungs instead of removing herself from the boys dorm... a place she knew she had no right to be in the first place.

"They wouldn't gimme brekkist!" She whined.

"They told you to leave so you wouldn't get in trouble AND so they could get dressed in private!" Neffydd reiterated.

"...but..." Mini pouted, "I just wanted my cereal..."

"You need to learn to wait." Neffydd was soooo tired of having to tell this child that she wasn't the planetary ruler. "Instead of waiting for a few moments while they got dressed, you have had to wait until everyone was done eating. Was that what you wanted?" Mini shook her head. "Well get dressed so you can have your breakfast." Neffydd walked out of the dorm and into the kitchen to pour cereal.