15 May, 2012

A Lil Somat About This Blog

Years ago I had a blog on Live Journal called "Just Call Me Leigh" I posted a couple times, then dropped it from boredom... this is the same thing that happened to ALLLLLLLL of my diaries and journals made of paper.

This time I vow to keep at it, creating fanciful things for you to read at least once a week, if not once every couple of days. I can't promise that you'll see a post every day, well, because I have adult ADD & I know how to make COFFEE! mmmm... cofffeeeeeee....

Anyway, this thing is connected to my Google+ so if you REALLY think I need to get on-the-ball PM me & I'll write something.

In this blog you'll be seeing stories of a fantastical nature. The stories will be of my real life, but the whole thing will be run through my Virtual Reality filter that has been set to "Complete Malarkey". You will see different forms of Fæ, martial arts that include sword fighting, Ninjitsu, Jedi training & people who scream "ARRRGGGH!" You may read visualizations that depict torture, debauchery and depredation... These are, normally, all in my head. Most of the time... unless it's in August, then anything Mundane is probably not real.

The people in my life are in here but they're masked with alter egos of their choosing, (or mine if they refuse to participate.) So they can readily find themselves in my fantasy world but their shenanigans won't be readily identifiable to the general populace.

Comments on my grammar and spelling choices will be disregarded as not part of the world in which chanMaelgwyn is placed... because I said so.

Anyway... onto the goodness...