30 June, 2012

Izit yores?

Neffydd looked up from her writing as the tinkling sounds grew stronger. Mini was standing in the doorway with something in dangling from her upheld hand. Something that sounded for all the worlds like the miniature horse and sleigh that had come with the miniature winter village was trotting around shaking miniature sleigh bells.
"Mommy?" She said, no shyness in her youth-high voice. "Iz this yores?"
"Is what mine, honey?"
"This!" she shook the thing again; this time making it sound as if she had a bell fey by the wings.
"Bring it here."
"Izit yores??" She insisted as she entered the pool of light Neffydd was using and held out a silver belled chain with a hook in one end.
"Yes, baby!" She took her dancing anklet from her daughter. "I've been looking for this! Thanks!"
Mini smiled and ran back to play with her cousin. "IT WAZ HERZ!" Neffydd heard the excited child yell at someone.
She smiled and went back to her work.

21 June, 2012

Some more about this blog (O/C 6/21/12)


I know you're there. I can see you are reading my page. There's traffic stats that tell me over TWO HUNDRED views. Where's the love?

It's my birthday and I'm going to ask you for something. I would like to see subscriptions, shares and COMMENTS!

You see, this is a creative writing exercise I've given myself and I would love to hear what you think. I'm trying to build my creative thinking muscles, but I need some spotters! Feed-back, people! Feed-back!

I'm trying to get into the habbit of turning every-day things into fantasy stories so that I stop getting writers' block every couple of days. Who can get blocked, if they can tell an elaborate story about making a snack??? (Me. That's who...)

Comments will help me entertain you... and if you're obnoxious enough, you'll end up in the story. Guaranteed! Hehe.

I'm also open to changing the setting and the characters... Who wants ZOMBIES?!?! :D

So take a moment to tell me what you think!

19 June, 2012

Such a Looooong Weekend!

'Ohhh, my god! I'm so tiiiired...' Neffydd thought as she lay down and surfed the aether web for something interesting to watch. She started up a serial she liked and settled back into the soft pillows.

Her body was numb, her brain had pulled on a thought resistant covering and her eyes felt like there was sand in them. She sighed and rubbed her eyes again as the show stuttered to a halt mid stream. She gave up on the halted video and threw her arm over her brow, hiding in the crook of her arm.

This entire weekend was a grand comedy of errors that had resulted in a wakeful period of forty three horrible hours. Talk about a long weekend!

What had started as a normal day at the beginning of the weekend had Neffydd waking up to the pitter-patter of hyper elephants running through the hallways of their suite. She lay there for a few moments, then noted that the clock was showing three hours past median, so she threw back the light sheet covering her body and swung her legs down to the floor.

The shower felt good beating steamy delightfulness down on her shoulders and wings so she just stood in it's whispering glory until she noted a slight decrease in temperature. The shower knob squealed it's dismay as she twisted it off and the internal workings clunked as they released the rest of the water through the lower faucet.

She quickly rubbed her body dry then doubled over so her hair was dangling in front of her knees and wrapped the over-sized towel around her head. She flipped her towel-wrapped hair up and wrapped her bathrobe about her before returning to her chambers to dress completely.

The boys were returning from training and the girls were chasing each other, there was music playing from somewhere and a video showing on the projector, Aine was talking loudly at someone and Tomoe was clicking away, writing another story... Neffydd just stood there a moment and absorbed the cacophonous display of harmony.

"OH! Hi, Mom!" One of the Minions yelled and the others acknowledged her presence with varying volumes but equal enthusiasm.

Warder Sullens came over to her and fileld her in on the day's happenings then wandered off to start dinner as Neffydd sat down to check her various communications.

The evening went by with startling speed and soon Neffydd was dressed, painted, shod and supplied for her night at The Pit.

At The Pit she chatted away, amiably with Heartly, an aging nymph with an awesome personality. They were excitedly sharing ideas about something-or-other when alarms started ringing throughout the small room.

An emergency! Heartly pulled up the aethernet logging as Neffydd first confirmed the event, then opened a channel in the over head paging system.

"Emergency, floor three... Emergency, floor three..." She announced until they were contacted again and told that the required personnel were all accounted for.

When Heartly left at the end of her short shift Neffydd was left in the quiet solitude of early-mornings in The Pit's communications closet. She pulled up a story to read and settled into the silence.

Traveling home was uneventful but, when she tried to get some rest, one thing after another would jar her awake before she had fully slipped into unconsciousness. First Mini wanted to cuddle, then throw a kicking tantrum when her father collected her for breakfast. There was running, yelling, crying, barking, cursing, door-slamming... Just too much to sleep through.

Neffydd sighed and looked at the clock. 11:22 it glared, redly at her. She rolled over and slowed her breathing, taking deep breaths until she finally felt her body relaxing into sleep.

"Neffdd, it's time to get up..." Sullens had his hand on her hip.

She groaned and looked at the clock, again. 11:34... DAMMIT!!!!

"What the Hell?!?" she demanded.

"We were going to my parents' for lunch," He spoke softly, "remember?"

"Yes!" She wanted to wring his neck. "I remember telling you that I didn't want to leave for another HOUR!"

"But..." He started.

"I just want a little nap!" She cried.

"I thought you'd need some time to get ready." he shifted on the bed, probably pulling away so if she decided to murder him he could get out of the room quicker. "We were going to stop at Market, too."

"I am!" She tossed back the covers, revealing that she was almost completely dressed. "All I need is a shirt and shoes to be ready to walk out the door."

"OK," he replied, "I'll let you be."

"No use now." She sighed. "I won't be able to get to sleep before we have to go."

She rose and finished dressing then readied the Minions to leave. They packed the Minions into the conveyance and traveled to Market.

At Market they picked up a few trinkets and some medicine then headed out to Warder Sullens' parents.

When the arrived, Sullens' parents were assembling a delightful lunch. Mini danced around the kitchen trying to get as much attention from her grandmother as possible, delighted that she could 'help' her beloved grandmother assemble a fruit salad.

Lunch was soon consumed and Sullens' brother suggested that they all go to a near-by park to play. Before leaving, Neffydd was presented with a small cabinet with a sturdy top and several drawers and lidded cubbies for her sewing room. It was a great birthday gift! She'd been saying how much she wanted a sewing stand for a while.

Then they piled into their different traveling contraptions and headed to the park where they climbed on the playground, ran, chased, yelled, laughed, jumped... in general, had a pretty fun time.

When they thought the children were tired enough they assembled them into the vehicles and headed back to Sullens' parents house. Shortly after they left the park a peace officer stopped them, citing an inspection lapse then proceeded to bully and belittle Sullens for his memory problems before impounding the family vehicle. Neffydd knew that the officer had a job to do, she knew that the registration on the vehicle had been suspended and it had to be impounded... She didn't know why the officer had to be so wretched.

Sullens' father collected them from the side of the road, gave them a light "You know better" talking to, then brought them back home and talked over what they were going to do.

After returning home, Neffydd had just enough time to take a quick shower, dress appropriately and gather her things for work before boarding the public transportation to work.

Work was blessedly uneventful, besides discovering that one of the harpies, (the one no one liked,) had quit and Neffydd was about to start getting more hours. She exchanged a couple notes with Katryni and played some games.

Right before she left for the day, her boss sat with Neffydd in a meeting room for her monthly review. Her boss repremanded her for clocking in late eight times, then informed her that the policy is that ONE minute is late. Neffydd made a mental note to cut-in-line next time she was waiting at the time clock to punch-in... not matter how angry the other people get. He boss went on to inform Neffydd that not having a personal phone was a violation and it wasn't good enough that they had Sullens' phone number.

She rode home, on the public transport, listening to her portable music maker, watching the people come and go.

13 June, 2012

Six hr, Six min, Six sec AKA One Hell of a Time

Neffydd's head hurt but it wasn't very bad so she ignored it. She got to The Pit of Hell just a little over two hours ago and was already bored.

For the first hour she had sat at a reception desk in a higher level than her normal office, directing people toward the only office that was still open so late. She had that assignment because her boss couldn't get the schedule right and had tried to schedule four staff members to use two computers.

For the next half hour she had sat in the break room after escorting her co-worker, the fairy, to the door. She was avoiding the petty posturing and sniping of the other two of her co-workers, a pair of aging harpies, who each thought the other was inept and bossy.

When one of the harpies left for the night Neffydd finally got a chair in front of a computer but still had nothing to do. She had to do her best to look busy or Della would tell her boss about how lazy Neffydd was. Never mind that the phone that Neffydd was supposed to be answering wasn't RINGING!

She listened to Della rant about this and that. She read a story. She checked her messages. She wrote some. She drank something that was supposed to be stimulating, but only made her have to pee. She chit-chatted about how pizza really did still have calories...

Only six hours, six minutes and six seconds to go until time to fly the coup.

02 June, 2012


Neffydd awoke with a start, confused, dry of mouth, scared. Her brain was trying to decipher her surroundings with an urgency that was bewildering to her in her hung-over state. Her eyes were still closed; she was sniffing the air and listening hard.

Then she heard it.

The Noise. The sounds of distress that always hung Neffydd's heart in her throat. But it was muffled.

Her brain kicked into high gear, "Emergency Mode", she called it. He eyes snapped open, and she screamed for her sisters before she even turned over. She grabbed Warder Sullens by the shoulders and pulled herself to her knees, simultaneously pulling him out of his pillow where he was quietly smothering while he seized. His brain seeking vengeance for some slight, by trying to kill him in his sleep.

Aine threw the door to Neffydd's suite open, telecom in her hand, finger over the toggle. "Is he...?" She saw Sullens twitching in Neffydd's arms and triggered the communicator. The device blared a warning bell and connected to the city's emergency services. She walked out of the suite, toward the front entry, blurting information at high speed to the dispatcher over the com.

Sullens' body quieted, and Neffydd checked his breathing. She let him down and pulled him over onto his back, then found them clothing.

Aine reported that the public emergency conveyance was on it's way and Tomoe pulled Mini back into the common room when she tried to run into her parents' suite.

The emergency health techs tromped their Centauran feet into the suite and took charge of Sullens while a Faun spoke to Neffydd. Name of patient? What's wrong? History of brain storms? Age? Height? Weight? Neffydd answered the questions mechanically, as she had done so many times before. Her brain slowed and she couldn't shake the fog out from between her ears or thin her tongue enough to pronounce some of the medical words they wanted from her... She was still hung-over from drinking last night... her head was pounding, her mouth dry & sticky, her stomach growling it's displeasure and her eyes wanted to close out the displeasures of the morning to send her back to sleep.

The Centaur pulled Sullens from his bed and carried him out to their waiting conveyance. Neffydd scrubbed her face then changed her clothes to something presentable, gathered a few things they would need into a big satchel then followed the Centaur and climbed into the vehicle.

She sat on the bench at the front of the cart, chatting small-talk with the Centaur pulling it while the Faun tended to Sullens in the back. The Centaur was a young fellow, full of enthusiasm for his job. Neffydd though he might burn-out soon. She'd seen it happen before.

The Emergency ward was calm when they arrived. She commented on the quiet nature of the ward and was shushed by five different attendants.

"Did she just JINX us?" A nurse asked the Faun.

"Yep!" He replied with a sharp-toothed grin.

Thirty minutes later the noise level in the ward rose as the rooms on either side of theirs got, one a possible heart failure, then the other a drug addict who had tried to quit but thought she was dying from the withdrawal. The former had pain that came and went causing her to call out occasionally, the latter made continuous moaning and crying noises, calling out to passers-by that she was dying from the pain until they finally gave her enough medicines to put her to sleep.

The rest of the stay was uneventful as they medicated Sullens then let him rest while watching him to make sure he wasn't going to seize again.

Aine arrived to bring them all home, with promises of breakfast at their favorite diner.

Mmmmmm breakfast burger...