13 June, 2012

Six hr, Six min, Six sec AKA One Hell of a Time

Neffydd's head hurt but it wasn't very bad so she ignored it. She got to The Pit of Hell just a little over two hours ago and was already bored.

For the first hour she had sat at a reception desk in a higher level than her normal office, directing people toward the only office that was still open so late. She had that assignment because her boss couldn't get the schedule right and had tried to schedule four staff members to use two computers.

For the next half hour she had sat in the break room after escorting her co-worker, the fairy, to the door. She was avoiding the petty posturing and sniping of the other two of her co-workers, a pair of aging harpies, who each thought the other was inept and bossy.

When one of the harpies left for the night Neffydd finally got a chair in front of a computer but still had nothing to do. She had to do her best to look busy or Della would tell her boss about how lazy Neffydd was. Never mind that the phone that Neffydd was supposed to be answering wasn't RINGING!

She listened to Della rant about this and that. She read a story. She checked her messages. She wrote some. She drank something that was supposed to be stimulating, but only made her have to pee. She chit-chatted about how pizza really did still have calories...

Only six hours, six minutes and six seconds to go until time to fly the coup.