02 June, 2012


Neffydd awoke with a start, confused, dry of mouth, scared. Her brain was trying to decipher her surroundings with an urgency that was bewildering to her in her hung-over state. Her eyes were still closed; she was sniffing the air and listening hard.

Then she heard it.

The Noise. The sounds of distress that always hung Neffydd's heart in her throat. But it was muffled.

Her brain kicked into high gear, "Emergency Mode", she called it. He eyes snapped open, and she screamed for her sisters before she even turned over. She grabbed Warder Sullens by the shoulders and pulled herself to her knees, simultaneously pulling him out of his pillow where he was quietly smothering while he seized. His brain seeking vengeance for some slight, by trying to kill him in his sleep.

Aine threw the door to Neffydd's suite open, telecom in her hand, finger over the toggle. "Is he...?" She saw Sullens twitching in Neffydd's arms and triggered the communicator. The device blared a warning bell and connected to the city's emergency services. She walked out of the suite, toward the front entry, blurting information at high speed to the dispatcher over the com.

Sullens' body quieted, and Neffydd checked his breathing. She let him down and pulled him over onto his back, then found them clothing.

Aine reported that the public emergency conveyance was on it's way and Tomoe pulled Mini back into the common room when she tried to run into her parents' suite.

The emergency health techs tromped their Centauran feet into the suite and took charge of Sullens while a Faun spoke to Neffydd. Name of patient? What's wrong? History of brain storms? Age? Height? Weight? Neffydd answered the questions mechanically, as she had done so many times before. Her brain slowed and she couldn't shake the fog out from between her ears or thin her tongue enough to pronounce some of the medical words they wanted from her... She was still hung-over from drinking last night... her head was pounding, her mouth dry & sticky, her stomach growling it's displeasure and her eyes wanted to close out the displeasures of the morning to send her back to sleep.

The Centaur pulled Sullens from his bed and carried him out to their waiting conveyance. Neffydd scrubbed her face then changed her clothes to something presentable, gathered a few things they would need into a big satchel then followed the Centaur and climbed into the vehicle.

She sat on the bench at the front of the cart, chatting small-talk with the Centaur pulling it while the Faun tended to Sullens in the back. The Centaur was a young fellow, full of enthusiasm for his job. Neffydd though he might burn-out soon. She'd seen it happen before.

The Emergency ward was calm when they arrived. She commented on the quiet nature of the ward and was shushed by five different attendants.

"Did she just JINX us?" A nurse asked the Faun.

"Yep!" He replied with a sharp-toothed grin.

Thirty minutes later the noise level in the ward rose as the rooms on either side of theirs got, one a possible heart failure, then the other a drug addict who had tried to quit but thought she was dying from the withdrawal. The former had pain that came and went causing her to call out occasionally, the latter made continuous moaning and crying noises, calling out to passers-by that she was dying from the pain until they finally gave her enough medicines to put her to sleep.

The rest of the stay was uneventful as they medicated Sullens then let him rest while watching him to make sure he wasn't going to seize again.

Aine arrived to bring them all home, with promises of breakfast at their favorite diner.

Mmmmmm breakfast burger...