24 May, 2015

You Can Only See Silver Linings if Your Head's in the Clouds

Neffydd slumped against the brick wall of the alley way & let her body slide to a heap on the ground. Her soul was weeping, but her eyes could no longer wet. Her breath shuddered in & out of her chest, but she could no longer give voice to the agonized moans that lived there.

It was over... she was too much. Her life was too much for him to handle & he was gone.

"I'll still come around..." His voice faded in and out of her consciousness as he tried to justify himself to her. In the end, what did it matter why they were breaking up? Neffydd was too much and Jedi wasn't enough. When the conversation had gone as far as it was ever going to, Neffydd left. Just walked away.

She wandered for a bit before losing the will to move. There was nothing she wanted, nothing to think, nothing to feel... She wasn't even numb, anymore. There was nothing... and there she crumpled. Nothing.

She stared out of her skull with hollow eyes, but paid no attention to anything around her. Sensations were coming through the void at her. Cold. Wet. Pain.

Wet? Now soft pressure...? Fuzzy... What tha....?

She looked down at the tawny creature at her hand. She looked up at Neffydd with clear, brown eyes & licked the dangling hand again.

"Mew?" Neffydd blinked at the kitten, and frowned in concentration. The surprisingly solid skull thumped her hand again.

"Hello, Sweetie." Neffydd's voice was low and sweet. The kitten picked up a dainty paw and batted at Neffydd's fingers. "Now I'm talking to cats... I might as well be a 'crazy cat lady'! I'm ripe for it!"

The kitten cocked her triangular face, making an expression that reminded Neffydd of an eye-rolling. Neffydd frowned back.

"Are you headed anywhere, little one?" As if the kitten knew what Neffydd was asking; she shook her head once, then hopped into Neffydd's lap. "Oh? With me, huh?" The kitten kneaded Neffydd's leg. Neffydd shrugged, then rose to her feet and started the short trip home.

Once home, Neffydd brought out a couple small bowls, filling one with water, one with milk and one with the only cat-friendly thing in the house, ground beef. She watched as the cat she turned up her nose at the offerings. Neffydd shook her head and flopped down to sleep.

She sobbed into her pillow for a few minutes, before imagining she felt a warm body wrapped around her. There was warm breath on her neck and loving arms holding her as she wept. A kiss to the back of her head...

She woke with a start, in full sunlight. The kitten was curled up under the blankets, at the small of her back; but wormed her way over Neffydd's hip and into the hollow of her belly when Neffydd moved. Once in the warmth of Neffydd's embrace, the kitten yawned and settled back to sleep.

"What a weird dream..." She mumbled as she fell back to slumber.