23 November, 2012

Well... That escalated quickly.

One Friday night, not too long ago, Warder Sullens, Neffydd, Sutek, Shael and Jaeredd all went to this neato bar in Armory Square called Al's Wine and Whiskey Lounge. They have a great selection of alcohol that filled the seven foot shelves of the barback spanning a length of around twenty feet. There are couches to sit on and games like jenga to play with as you get schnockered :-D

They drank and played and talked and enjoyed the evening. They closed out the bar then left for Neffydd and Sullen’s place.

When they got home they broke open a bottle of wine but Shael was feeling weepy. (You know, let em cry, give em another drink and in five minutes, all good?) well, they went to Neffydd’s rooms so Shael wouldn't bring the entire party down but Sutek wanted to screw her so wouldn't leave her alone and she went into hysterics.

Neffydd told him to chill and he got violent. (Jaeredd later told Neffydd that Sutek drank a six pack of beers while she was calming Shael.) Warder Sullens escorted him out and they called their cabbie buddy to come get him.

Warder Sullens went to get money for the cab. While he was gone, Sutek broke into the house and started screaming at Neffydd that the cabbie was gonna shoot him... (No one has any clue how that came about...) Tomoe manhandled him back outside because she’d had enough.

Warder Sullens came into the warren through the back way so Sutek wouldn't fight him and they decided to call the cops since Sutek was convinced the cabbie would shoot him. That was when Sutek started kicking the door so hard that the core crushed and it started to buckle.

The cops got there, one stag faun one female pixi. Sutek got into the lady's face and started screaming at her. Ugh... He got a face full of ashfalt then said: "I'm sorry, dude! I didn't mean to resist ya!"

??????? Again, not a one of them had any idea... They finally carted him off at 5:30am after scolding us for giving him alcohol. He's three and a half decades old and his mother wasn’t there. How do they expect random friends to keep him from doing whatever he pleases?

18 November, 2012

Here Come the Gremlins

Thump... Slap!.... BANG!

"What are you doing?!" Neffydd asked Warder Sullens as he slapped at the hospital tray table in front of him, jostling his food and drink. He glanced at her quickly with wild eyes then went back to his pursuit.

"I have to catch it or it will keep running around; scares the children." He glanced off to the side and swiped at the empty air in front of him.

"Baby..." Neffydd caught his hand, careful not to jostle the I.V., but he jerked it away. "Hun, there's nothing there." Warder looked at her again with more attention this time.

"What?" He was startled, his eyes wide with fear. "There's a thing on the table... it looks like just a head... and another climbing the cupboard!" He pointed to the cupboard behind her. She dutifully looked at the empty cupboard. There was nothing.

"No baby, there's nothing there..." She looked at her life-mate with concern. This was not a good sign. The surgery had gone well and he was recovering rapidly; but suddenly she wasn't sure he was doing so well at all.

She left to find a nurse, the nurse quickly evaluated him and set in motion a series of evaluations by a string of people that took hours to complete. Finally a doctor from Neurosurgery evaluated him and decided to detox Sullens from all of the narcotic pain relievers, leaving him on acetaminophen and low dose of Fentanyl.

The nurses and Neffydd worked on a solution for better pain relief but could only come up with the use of ice packs to help reduce the swelling on the surgery site.

Neffydd worried, but his recovery wasn't over yet. There was still a lot of time for improvement.

06 November, 2012

Review: How To Tell A Perfect Ghost Story, By: R.C. Gillan

"Hi, Sweetie :-)" Katryni's words popped into Neffyd's mobile com while she was sleeping, "Rich wants you to read his new story. He's interested in seeing what you think."

"Sure ^.^ is that the published one, or another?" Neffydd replied a few hours later when she woke up.

"The published one." Katryni replied right away. "You can find it in my Social Network wall."

Neffydd found the post on Katryni's wall and clicked on the link. She then downloaded an application to her mobile com that would allow her to read the book once she had purchased it.

"OK, I got it." She reported back to Katryni, "This should give me something to read on the way to The Pit tonight!"

"LOL! Good!!" Katryni replied, "It's a short, but a few minutes of good reading. He wants you to tell him what you think, when you're done."

They traded more pleasantries for a bit, then Neffydd started to read. When it was time for dinner to be made, Neffydd found herself wanting to return to the imaginative tale.

The story followed the less than lucky-in-love Terry Barker, who had his heart stomped on and decided to move into the country to heal. As he goes he narrates his experience as a how-to on writing ghost stories and why he should have known better.

He thinks nothing of it when he buys the perfect house for the perfect price and is able to close the deal quickly, as if the home is practically being thrown at him. Everything seems to be going great until strange things start happening in the hot August nights.

Terry's dream home quickly descends into nightmares when a spectral woman starts making nightly visits, then begins to clue Terry into her death-long torture.

Neffydd remained enthralled by the story, several times finding icy chills goosing her spine between her wings. She finished it on the public conveyance and sent her thoughts to Rich:

"The story was captivating and imaginative. It was a quick read, but held onto the spirit of the ghost story very well. I would have added some more descriptions, but what you have sets the scene very well."

I recommend this story for anyone who needs to pass the time but doesn't want to start a novel. I read it quite thoroughly, to the end, be-cause Rich challenged me to find his one grammatical error. Don't worry, Rich, your error isn't that bad. ;-)

03 November, 2012

Monkey Brains

Neffydd and her father had a weird relationship. Take baking, for instance:


12:17 AM Neffydd: mmmm I just had a mild epiphony... raisins in monkey bread. That is all

(58 minutes later)

1:15 AM Flash: Is that like the brains of monkey bread??

Neffydd: Or the shriveled eyeballs...

1:16 AM Flash: That should be green grapes baked then added.

Neffydd: ... you mean raisins? lol

1:17 AM Flash: lol, Green grapes - not concord

Neffydd: Sorry... Golden Raisins? :-P

Flash: Now ya gots it

1:19 AM Neffydd: hehe... I could seriously trick that out to look like brains and eyeballs...

1:21 AM Flash: How about baking the monkey bread then breaking them open on the top, inserting a (very small easy to peel) orange then adding the golden raisins?

1:23 AM Neffydd: If I bake a badly peeled blood orange in it then it would shrivel and the bread would get slightly gooey, just like I imagine the inside of a cranium to be.

1:24 AM hmmmm... My friends' party is coming up...

1:25 AM Flash: lol

1:26 AM Neffydd: Oranges, cinnamon & grapes would be soooo good too!

Flash: You could make an icing and add red food coloring too.

1:27 AM Neffydd: Yeah! but inject it under the 1st layer so it bleeds when cut into.

Flash: Yuch...


Flash: if you can make them small enough, they will bleed out when they bite into them.

1:28 AM Neffydd: ooooh.... monkey bread muffins in coconut shells. Just leave the fur on

Flash: lol