23 November, 2012

Well... That escalated quickly.

One Friday night, not too long ago, Warder Sullens, Neffydd, Sutek, Shael and Jaeredd all went to this neato bar in Armory Square called Al's Wine and Whiskey Lounge. They have a great selection of alcohol that filled the seven foot shelves of the barback spanning a length of around twenty feet. There are couches to sit on and games like jenga to play with as you get schnockered :-D

They drank and played and talked and enjoyed the evening. They closed out the bar then left for Neffydd and Sullen’s place.

When they got home they broke open a bottle of wine but Shael was feeling weepy. (You know, let em cry, give em another drink and in five minutes, all good?) well, they went to Neffydd’s rooms so Shael wouldn't bring the entire party down but Sutek wanted to screw her so wouldn't leave her alone and she went into hysterics.

Neffydd told him to chill and he got violent. (Jaeredd later told Neffydd that Sutek drank a six pack of beers while she was calming Shael.) Warder Sullens escorted him out and they called their cabbie buddy to come get him.

Warder Sullens went to get money for the cab. While he was gone, Sutek broke into the house and started screaming at Neffydd that the cabbie was gonna shoot him... (No one has any clue how that came about...) Tomoe manhandled him back outside because she’d had enough.

Warder Sullens came into the warren through the back way so Sutek wouldn't fight him and they decided to call the cops since Sutek was convinced the cabbie would shoot him. That was when Sutek started kicking the door so hard that the core crushed and it started to buckle.

The cops got there, one stag faun one female pixi. Sutek got into the lady's face and started screaming at her. Ugh... He got a face full of ashfalt then said: "I'm sorry, dude! I didn't mean to resist ya!"

??????? Again, not a one of them had any idea... They finally carted him off at 5:30am after scolding us for giving him alcohol. He's three and a half decades old and his mother wasn’t there. How do they expect random friends to keep him from doing whatever he pleases?