03 November, 2012

Monkey Brains

Neffydd and her father had a weird relationship. Take baking, for instance:


12:17 AM Neffydd: mmmm I just had a mild epiphony... raisins in monkey bread. That is all

(58 minutes later)

1:15 AM Flash: Is that like the brains of monkey bread??

Neffydd: Or the shriveled eyeballs...

1:16 AM Flash: That should be green grapes baked then added.

Neffydd: ... you mean raisins? lol

1:17 AM Flash: lol, Green grapes - not concord

Neffydd: Sorry... Golden Raisins? :-P

Flash: Now ya gots it

1:19 AM Neffydd: hehe... I could seriously trick that out to look like brains and eyeballs...

1:21 AM Flash: How about baking the monkey bread then breaking them open on the top, inserting a (very small easy to peel) orange then adding the golden raisins?

1:23 AM Neffydd: If I bake a badly peeled blood orange in it then it would shrivel and the bread would get slightly gooey, just like I imagine the inside of a cranium to be.

1:24 AM hmmmm... My friends' party is coming up...

1:25 AM Flash: lol

1:26 AM Neffydd: Oranges, cinnamon & grapes would be soooo good too!

Flash: You could make an icing and add red food coloring too.

1:27 AM Neffydd: Yeah! but inject it under the 1st layer so it bleeds when cut into.

Flash: Yuch...


Flash: if you can make them small enough, they will bleed out when they bite into them.

1:28 AM Neffydd: ooooh.... monkey bread muffins in coconut shells. Just leave the fur on

Flash: lol