05 December, 2012

Like He Knew What He Was Doin'

Neffydd listened to the public transport driver and a Gnomish passenger chit-chat about idle things, both trying their hardest to impress a plump Pixie. It became more and more obvious that the Gnome was far outmatched by the chocolate skinned, half Mountain Giant driver as the conversation progressed.

With little gems like: "I was gunna go to Jamaica last year, until I heard that they got the snow that we were supposed to get." and "I don't wanna go to the Bahamas! I'd get stuck in that 'Devil's Triangle'!" How could she do anything but close her eyes, lean her head back and listen to the entertainment?

"Don't get me started on the Bahamas, man!" The driver shook his head. "I really don't want to take a cruise there, now that I heard what happened. Did you hear about that?" The driver must have been as entertained as Neffydd was to be engaging the idiot Gnome again and again.

"Naw... What happened?" The Gnome was predictable.

"I heard it in the news about that cruise captain that abandoned ship when it was sinking and let all the people drown." The driver's voice was dramatically 'stage hushed'.

"What?" Neffydd could almost feel the Stupid oozing out of the Gnome's mouth. "The Titanic?"

The only sound that you could hear in the stunned silence at the front of the transport was the sound of the engines and jaws dropping in disbelief, before the driver burst into peals of amused laughter.