30 December, 2012

More Everyday Public Transit Humor

Neffydd was going to be late for the public transit to The Pit, again, so she started to trot through the brisk winter night. She jogged up to the stop where a Faun and Nymph standing, waiting for the same transit...

Nymph: "Do you need my scarf?"

Faun: "Stop! I'm too sly for that; I'm too sly."

Nymph: "I'm just sayin'; It's really cold."

Faun: "I'm too sly for that! It doesn't fit my image. I'm tryin'a be gangsta, yo!"

Neffydd's thoughts on this were: Eye rolling; 'POSER!' and the term 'sly' is slang for 'homosexual'... How appropriate.

Oh, and by the by: Neffydd knew plenty of 'Gangstas' and 'Hood Rats' who would bundle up in layer upon layer of grandma's knitting just to stay warm.

Just sayin'.