30 June, 2012

Izit yores?

Neffydd looked up from her writing as the tinkling sounds grew stronger. Mini was standing in the doorway with something in dangling from her upheld hand. Something that sounded for all the worlds like the miniature horse and sleigh that had come with the miniature winter village was trotting around shaking miniature sleigh bells.
"Mommy?" She said, no shyness in her youth-high voice. "Iz this yores?"
"Is what mine, honey?"
"This!" she shook the thing again; this time making it sound as if she had a bell fey by the wings.
"Bring it here."
"Izit yores??" She insisted as she entered the pool of light Neffydd was using and held out a silver belled chain with a hook in one end.
"Yes, baby!" She took her dancing anklet from her daughter. "I've been looking for this! Thanks!"
Mini smiled and ran back to play with her cousin. "IT WAZ HERZ!" Neffydd heard the excited child yell at someone.
She smiled and went back to her work.