24 May, 2012


Neffydd stretches until the hitch in her spine between her wings pops and loosens. The flutter-flies in her stomach won't settle down like she wants, but they had every right to be as excited as she. This weekend is going to be AWESOME!

It's pretty late at night and she's talking to Warder Sullens and Katryni over the aether-com. He has just finished helping Aine put Lilly down for bed, (occasionally quite the arduous task,) and now has time to find the inventory lists Neffydd forgot to bring to work with her and send her copies to print out.

Just a couple more hours until she can be rid of The Pit of Hell and start her weekend! YAY!

Right after her shift, Neffydd is going to take a short nap, fix-up the lists she just printed, then be off to the market to gather the food-stuffs that they need for the long weekend at the Tournaments. She's going to stop by the nail salon to get her talons shortened and the paint color changed then at mid-day She'll go to Katryni's place to help her organize for her weekend thrift sale and after that Neffydd will sew until they scream at her to stop!

Friday morning will consist of a grand rush to get everything organized in a way that makes all the things able to fit into two vehicles, then off to the east to set up their household camp. Tourney = AWESOME!!!

Neffydd can barely sit still enough to type and the clock seems to be staging a peaceful rebellion... it refuses to advance quick enough no mater how Neffydd curses at it. She takes another sip of a minty hot beverage and wiggles some more.

There's a song running around her head and occasionally bumping into her Hum Impulse so that every-so-often she keeps humming the same few bars over and over again. She decides to turn on the radio to kill the brain-song and save the rest of her preciously small amount of sanity.

Only a couple more hours now...