03 October, 2012

Tomoe Is An Adult! ... Or Is She?

"What do you ant to do for your birthday party?" Neffydd asked her sister, Tomoe Oda, with a huge grin.

Tomoe swiveled her seat to glare at her older sister. Neffydd loved annoying her and this was the perfect opportunity.

"I don't know..." Tomoe said gruffly. "Nothing."

"Nope!" Neffydd's voice was almost unbearably sweet. "We should have a party! It's your twenty first, after all..."

"Ugh!" She groaned. "OK, will there be drinking?"

Neffydd looked at her younger sister as if she were trying to grow wings by glaring at things.

"Of course there'll be drinking!" Neffydd's brain just couldn't absorb some of the maligned thinking Tomoe was capable of. "... twenty first birthday without drinking..." She muttered as she walked from the room tossing a few solid state messages to her friends.

The weekend went quickly. Neffydd had to spend Saturday at The Pit but she had Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday off.

Sunday all the fun started.
First off: Neffydd's friend, the Incubus Warder Llushos, stopped by early to wish Tomoe a Happy Birthday and spend some quality time.

Neffydd was just finishing off Tomoe's Birthday cake, a triple-tiered double chocolate affair with Chocolate-Maple butter cream frosting that Neffydd had whipped a little Irish cream into for flavoring. The icing was lathered on thick between the layers and around the outside then a layer of thin-rolled white fondant was laid over it all, moulded to the shape of the cake and painted green. Then Tomoe decided that she wanted green and red spider webs and spirals all over it. Neffydd sighed and started painting.

Llushos showed up just in time to help create an inventive cover for the garish monstrosity of a confection and put it up for the party later.

After Neffydd and Llushos diverted them selves with quality, in-depth conversation and a luncheon at The Gem, he left to tend his herds (as all Warders are wont to do.)

The landlord she had spoken to about an appointment to view a new lair called to postpone so Neffydd returned to her bed suite for a nap.

She woke with just the right amount of time to ready herself for the party. Shower, lotion, powder, scent, clothes, make-up, hair... good thing she wasn't going out tonight! The party would be right here, in the lair. While she readied herself she convinced her sister to put on some of Neffydd's prettier clothes. Once Tomoe was in girl clothes instead of her usual boyish garb she decided to have Neffydd apply a few layers of make-up for the special occasion.

The Night Elf, Jaeredd, was first to arrive coming to the lair's lazy lounge as soon as it was dark enough for him to be out and about.

Neffydd's old friend and love apart, the centaur Gulzar Rux left a static voice message for Tomoe, that made her pale blue eyes well with tears. He recounted a few good times they had and professed his undieing brotherly love for her.

A few more people showed up and some more contacted them by voice or solid on Neffydd's com.

Tomoe maintained her dignity while getting completely sloshed and having the time of her life. They danced and drank and ate... Teri gifted her a handmade ring while chanMaelgwyn pooled their cash for a set of matching rings/earrings/necklace all with spiders and webs molded on. Jaeredd brought out pumpkin flavored fudge from a local grocer and a bottle of butterscotch schnapps. Tomoe squealed appropriate thanks for every gift and made use of every one at once.

Soon people started to filter out. Their favorite drinking vid was playing in the background and both Neffydd and Tomoe had drunk themselves to a stupor. Naps were in order.

All-in-all...? It was a wonderful night.