19 August, 2012

Don't drug an Elf... We don't like it.

Neffydd's body was shaking as she tried to stand. This wasn't a normal hang-over... this was way worse.

"Sullens?" she croaked through her abused throat, "Baby, get Tomoe to help? I can't stand."

"OK," came his worried reply, "We'll be right there."

The night before had started out as normal as a night at their home can be. Friends from out of town had stopped in for dinner and a board game before taking their kids home early. Neffydd and one of her best friends, Taechi, a Fairy met at the shop where Taechi worked and walked down the street a couple doors to the bar/bbq joint on the corner where they were well known because some of their friends worked there.

There was a wonderful band playing lively jazz tunes, people were dancing and smiling, drinking and enjoying the night. People came and people went, friends and strangers alike chit-chatted with them as they smiled and flirted.

A couple hours into the evening they headed out to walk the three blocks to Neffydd's bank to get cash for another round. On the way out Teachi spotted the guy she'd been crushing on for a while and started gushing about him. On the way back to the bank they cooked up a rather simple plan. They would buy their beer and talk to the guy.

They bought their round and walked outside to the bench the guy was sitting on, talking to a friend of his. The friend seemed to be very drunk and was acting belligerent and got in Taechi's face when she tried to talk to her crush. Neffydd did what she was best at, distracting the drunkard and defusing his temper. They nursed their beers to death and got another round, the drunkard paid. Taechi's crush rejected her and Neffydd decided it was time to depart at 11:30.

Taechi called her Naga friend who pulls a rickshaw, he whisked them home for a nominal fee, wished them good night and slithered away. Neffydd started to feel sick.

Warder Sullens thought that Neffydd feeling ill was from the alcohol, (and Neffydd didn't question his fine medical opinion,) so he made a sandwich for her & Taechi to help counter the effects.

They ate, watched a show and Sullens poured Neffydd into bed. Neffydd could barely remember the sandwich, much less the show or the bed when she woke to be sick, over and over again.

Tomoe and Sullens pulled Neffydd back to her suite then Sullens called the hospital who recommended that Neffydd be brought in for evaluation. He arranged transport and they waited through a few more waved of sickness for their friend to arrive.

At the hospital a pretty vampire put an IV in Neffydd's arm, drew blood for testing and hooked in a fluid bag. They waited for the testing results and a gnome came to administer a vial of medication to combat the nausea.

The verdict came in, Neffydd had been drugged. Her body was already burning through it so there was nothing that they could do that wouldn't make her worse, beside the fluids and the nausea med. They gave her a prescription for the medication she could take at home and sent her away in a medical transport.

Needless to say there will be a new creature inhabiting The Pit of Hell if Neffydd's friends ever find out who drugged her.