15 August, 2012


Neffydd settled into the first seat on the public carriage going to The Pit. She settled her wings around her shoulders to keep the damp chill off and turned up the music on her portable player. She opened her mobile com as it buzzed and replied with a smile. The transport bounced and weaved in its familiar pattern as it sped down the city streets. The bus slowed to a stop and she looked up from the solid transfer on her com as she scented an overly familiar presence.

She ground her needle-sharp teeth resisting the urge to trip the half troll and watch her fall smacking her ungainly face on the carriage seats. The tall, unsymmetrical, hunched woman had wispy thin hair and a bit of drool sliding out of the corner of her gap-toothed half smirk. Neffydd's nemesis and ex-best-friend, Nikolah would have her day... but Neffydd had to be to work so couldn't risk being incarcerated. At least not tonight.

She was still envisioning the ugly woman's face hitting the solid seats and exploding into a gooey, bloody mess as she thanked the transport driver and stepped off the carriage.

Perhaps one day all her dreams would come true...