19 September, 2012

On the go... Or: How to shoe-horn this in?

"What are you writing tonight?" The message buzzed in on her new mobile com. "More fiction? Maybe your blog??" her Moon Elf friend, Jaeredd's excitement was almost palpable.

"I'm not sure..." She tapped out on the smooth silicate screen. Then she thought to look in her apps appropriation list for her blogging program. She installed the appropriate app and was typing this entry by the time the public transport carriage pulled into the shiny, efficient new transfer station.

Lots of people didn't like the change to the new station; but Neffydd was of the opinion that their dislike was more due to the completely inane way the powers that be had re-arranged the transit schedules to be the most inconvenient possible and less that there was a brand-spanking-new building to house the chaos that used to reside in (& almost completely clog,) an intersection a few blocks down the street.

Neffydd skittered off the first bus and hopped onto the next, slipping her transfer voucher into the automated conductor machine then finding a harmless-looking college student to sit next to.

She opened up her solid context messaging applet to continue her conversation.

"I should really get the whole crazy weekend into the blog..." She told him. "But that will take more than one post."

Trying to fit one weekend in a single blog post when it barely fit in the four or five day weekend was beginning to become insane. Neffydd decided that she would have to either split her weekends into each day, or major events to save the trouble of having a league-long post every other week.

However... Having this new Blogger app was going to help immensely. With this new mobile com she was able to do more and more on the way to work, during that hour-long ride. She had an app for her document editor, she could access her eathernet mail, she could post on her FFN account and do the prerequisite goofing off all from her com.

Maybe she would be able to shoe-horn a bit more in...?