16 July, 2012

Me, That's Who

Neffydd listened to the sharp "shhhhhhhich" of the sheers as she sliced another coupon out of the paper. It's nice to have friends who think of her every once-in-a-while; even if it is only to drop her a pamphlet of coupons. She sniffed.

Lately she'd been getting this ever sinking feeling that the people in her life didn't want her around so much as they needed her for a specific task that no one else could do. they seemed so surprised when she would refuse. So surprised that she stopped contacting them for company. Hmph.

The stress of her daily life was seriously getting to her, it had been for a while and the stresses showed no signs of letting up. No one wanted to be her confidante. No one wanted to listen to her whine about all the crap that had been flung at her or how she had no control over her own life, even though she was the only one paying the bills or hold her when she sobbed because she couldn't hold it together any longer.

No. She was in this alone and there was nothing she could do about it. So she did what she always did; what she suggested everyone else do. She sucked it the fuck up and got on with her shitty life. Who the hell else was going to get this shit done?