09 April, 2013

Year's End... Finally

Neffydd's eyes took in the sights around her but her brain was refusing to properly translate them, preferring, instead to snuggle into the comfortable haze of intoxication this night of recreation had brought.

She slowly swiveled her head toward the left and looked to the floor by the table where Shael was laying.

"Just gotta lay down for a while..." Her slight form was lowered to the flooring with the help Neffydd's best friend, a tree gnome named Dramus and their mutual friend Dehmar.

She felt a tap on her arm and Neffydd swung her head to the right to accept her turn to breathe the incense. The world faded out for a while and Neffydd continued to drink the liquor put in front of her...

The stroke of midnight came and went. There were glasses raised and more liquor consumed. Enlightening conversations that no one would remember later and plans to "do this again".

"I'm here!" A troll yelled from the doorway. "Oh... we're here." His girlfriend shoved him the rest of the way inside.

Neffydd grabbed the bottle of horrible champagne and raised it toward the troll couple. "Do you want some champagne?" she wiggled it in front of them like a worm on a hook. "It's disgusting!"

The troll couple looked at the bottle with trepidation before the guy snatched the bottle away from Neffydd. He turned it over to look at the lable.

"Lemmy see!" He barked and grabbed the cup Neffydd had ready for him. He poured a good draft into the cup, took a generous swig then puckered and winced. "That... is... AWFUL!"

"Yup!" Neffydd beamed at them, "That's why I said it was!" And they drank....

The further the night progressed, the more inebriated they became and, one by one, they dropped out or curled up to sleep somewhere soft.