10 December, 2013

Video Games Make Everything Better

Neffydd pulled a chip from the pile smothered in meat, veggies and cheese. Warder Sullens sat beside her, playing their joint Mirror's Edge game while she puttered around on her aether com. The minions were all occupied with their own games and devices and being exceptionally quiet... for once.

Sullens tapped Neffydd on the arm, for her turn. She excelled at the "tight rope" challenges but kinda sucked at the rest of the game. It didn't matter, though. She was spending quality time with her loved ones.

Soon, the Minions were sent to bed, but the adults continued to game. Tomoe and Neffydd were poking away at their aether coms and Sullens continued to make his character run and jump all over the screen.

Jedi came by later and Neffydd basked in the feeling of completeness that came from having her family near.