11 February, 2014


She turned in her lover's arms and pressed her cheek against his chest. She could feel the steady rhythm of his heart thump, thump, thump-ing under her face and hear the warm breath whooshing through his chest, then passing over her sharp ears.

She kissed the smooth skin of his chest, near her mouth. Her lips parted and she inhaled the taste of him; her tongue darting out for a better lick. She tuned her face and kissed the hard nub of his nipple then shifted her weight so she could reach a kiss to his collar bone with a nibble for his pectoral.

His skin tightened when she traced her fingers along his ribs and goose flesh raised. She brushed her lips across the fine, soft hairs under his adam's apple and giggled when he shivered. Her tongue traced his jaw for a bit, delighting in the feeling of his stubble.

She kissed the point of his chin and the corner of his mouth. When his lips parted to hers she nibbled the fleshy lower one, his moan sending a thrill through her. His fingers wound through her hair and stroked her scalp, making her ears tingle.

Then he was pushing her to him and she drove her tongue into his mouth. She savored the sweetness she found there. His tongue followed her's back and filled her mouth, searching; for what? He only knew... but she tugged on him and he pressed her harder in.

She tilted her chin and he moved under her, fitting them together like puzzle pieces. She felt his other hand slide down her spine and press into the small of her back. A fire lit in her belly.

She lifted herself onto her elbows and broke away from the kiss to gasp. She felt him growing under her hips and she wanted to taste more. She looked into his eyes and her heart started to pound. She loved how he looked at her; how her body and eyes seemed to be equally important when his hungry gaze was eating her up.

She threw the blanket back and shivered when the sharp cold of the night air hit her skin...


Neffydd woke to the waning light of the Winter afternoon. She shivered again and pulled the blankets up, over her shoulders. There was a dream she was never going to get back... DAMMIT!