04 February, 2014

Good Morning

Neffydd watched the sun rise, pink and orange over the heavily frosted hills. As the glowing orb climbed higher and higher absolutely nothing was warmed and the chill was beginning to cut through her layers to her skin.

Time to say her daily devotional and then drop to sleep. She wrapped her blanket tighter to her as the words of her new verse came to her sleepy mind.

Hello Sun, your day's begun... You're why the world is turning.
Goodbye Moon, see you soon... Take with you my yearning.

Where's the Stars? Winking gems... Not strong enough to warm me.
And to the spaces in between... Not strong enough to harm me.

Goodnight Moon. If there's room... I'd love to have you take me.
Good morning, Sun; and when you're done... don't bother to wake me.