20 February, 2014

Tightly Wound Cables

Warder Sullens paced the space at the foot of the bed with the mobile com pressed to his elegant ear.

"No." He growled at the tiny voice that had been trying to explain something to him. "I had your service removed from our residence. I'm not paying you more to come cut it off properly. I'm not going to pay for the service that you left on after I told your company to disconnect it and I returned all of your hardware... And I most certainly will not accept a credit to the account THAT I WANT CLOSED!"

The tiny voice coming from the speaker chattered in upset tones for a bit before Sullens reasserted his right to a repayment of over paid funds.

"Your company was given two payments of $140, last month, another payment for this month (no matter that we disconnected our service,) then tried to charge our funds accounts another $140!" He paused to take a single, calming breath before continuing. "Now I want all credits liquidated, those charges refunded and the banking fees your company incurred to be charged back to the funds account they were drawn from."

The dickering continued for a while before Sullens closed the connection.

"They said 'The check is in the mail'." He glowered at Neffydd from across the room. "I'll believe it when I see it."